Why Choose A Walk In Shower With Curtain Instead Of Door?

Having a walk-in shower with curtain instead of doors can make your bathroom aesthetically appealing and add some privacy. Shower curtains also help reduce water splashing out of your shower, keeping your bathroom floors clean and dry. Moreover, shower curtains are a private, affordable, and easy replacement for shower doors.

And because they are made from various materials, you can choose the one that suits your bathroom décor. Today, we bring you the most popular shower curtains you can use on a walk-in shower. But before that, let’s look at some benefits of shower curtains.

Reasons to Pick a Shower Curtain over a Shower Door

Walk-in showers come in many different forms, such as a shower with no door, a walk-in shower with a curtain, or even a walk-in shower with a door. Some homeowners prefer a walk-in shower without a door, while others prefer a walk-in shower with a door.

Why Choose A Walk In Shower With Curtain Instead Of Door?
Walk-in shower with a curtain

You may have your own preference, but here are some of the reasons you should consider a shower with a curtain rather than a shower that has a door.

1. Design Flexibility

Shower curtains are a flexible option that lets you change the aesthetics of your bathroom easily. You can easily change the look of your bathroom by installing a shower curtain on your walk-in shower. Shower curtains are versatile and available in numerous patterns and designs to match your bathroom theme.

There are lots of shower curtains to choose from, but you want something comfortable and that blends with your bathroom. Your curtain ought to match your bathroom décor and function well with other bathroom fixtures like lighting fixtures and mirrors.

The good thing is that you may easily find curtains in Rustic, Country, Arts and Crafts, and Victorian designs.

2. It’s Economical

Shower curtains are more affordable as compared to installing a shower door. So, if you have a very tight budget, a shower curtain is a good idea. Shower curtains usually cost about $15 – $60. A typical glass shower door that’s framed costs $200 to $500, whereas a frameless shower door that’s made of glass may cost around $900 – $1300.

Therefore, just considering the prices, shower curtains are a perfect idea, particularly if you’re very tight on your budget.

3. More Accessibility

People with mobility problems who need to be assisted by a walker or a wheelchair will have an easier time using a bathroom with a shower curtain rather than a door.

4. Privacy

A shower curtain will help you feel more private, unlike a glass door in the shower. This is especially true if you share your bathroom with others. You would walk more comfortably to your shower if you had a shower curtain in place of a sliding glass door in your bathroom.

5. Easy to Install

Installing shower curtains is easy. All you need to do is to hang a shower curtain on a tension rod, shower rod, or rope. On the flip side, installing a shower door requires more experience and time. In fact, you may need a professional to install a shower door.

Drawbacks of Shower Curtains

Please take note that it doesn’t mean that shower curtains don’t have some disadvantages. Here are some drawbacks of using shower curtains instead of glass doors:

  • It depreciates your home value– Many customers would give a higher rating to a house that has a master bathroom that features a shower door than one that has a curtain. Install a shower door in your bathroom before exhibiting your home for sale.
  • Mold might grow on shower curtains, particularly if they’re constantly exposed to heat and moisture.

What to Look For When Choosing the Best Shower Curtain

Getting the best shower curtain slightly differs from purchasing a bathtub or glass door. Below are vital things to look for in a shower curtain.

1. The Material

We recommend you get a shower curtain that’s made from quality material. Materials used to make shower curtains include cotton, polyester, microfiber, and vinyl. While cotton shower curtains are often more expensive, they are outstanding if you are looking for shower curtains that hold up conveniently, absorb moisture quickly, and are easy to wash.

Microfiber shower curtains are softer compared to polyester and vinyl curtains. Additionally, they have a higher moisture resistance compared to cotton curtains. Not to forget, there are a few good options for shower curtains made of 100% vinyl that are excellent if your budget is fixed.

2. Pick the ideal Color

You should choose a color that will suit your bathroom décor. There are plenty of choices based on your personal preference and style. Always keep in mind your bathroom’s color scheme and choose curtains that match the décor of your bathroom. You don’t want to change the look of your bathroom after installing a new curtain.

3. Look For A Shower Curtain with the Right Length

If you want your shower curtains to work well and look good, you should consider the shower curtain height that suits your bathroom. The standard size for shower curtains is usually 72 inches tall. It will be necessary to buy a shower curtain at least 78 inches long, but it will be helpful to measure the size of your shower before walking into the stores.

So now that you have a clear perception of what you want in a shower curtain for your walk-in shower let’s look at some of the best options.

Top 3 Best Shower Curtains for Your Walk-in Shower

#1. Best Overall: River Dream Hotel No Hooks Needed Shower Curtain

Why Choose A Walk In Shower With Curtain Instead Of Door?

This shower curtain entails a top-notch cotton mixture and is heavy-duty (200gsm) to ensure that it remains intact in its place. It has a double layer and a set of Split Rings that hang the curtain easily. The good thing is that they are removable, and you don’t need to take out your shower curtain rod or buy more hooks to hang it.

Moreover, you can wash it with a machine as it features a waterproof treatment. It’s also available in black, white, navy blue, candy pink, Lake Wanaka, water glass, blue sky, and lavender.

#2. Best Runner-Up: YOSTEV Marble Bathroom Shower Curtain

Why Choose A Walk In Shower With Curtain Instead Of Door?

This shower curtain is waterproof, eco-friendly, and made from superior quality polyester that will last a long time. The curtain features an encumbered bottom and 12 rustproof metal grommets. The hooks are made from heavy-duty plastic.

This curtain is inspired by marble art and features several colors, such as pink marble, blue marble, and grey marble. With the help of this shower curtain, you can transform your bathroom into a fantastic art showcase.

Wash it in cold water and hang it to dry. Don’t bleach it.

#3. Best Classic Design: Riyidecor Green Leaves Shower Curtain

Why Choose A Walk In Shower With Curtain Instead Of Door?

This impressive curtain is made from 100% polyester, which is eco-friendly and waterproof. This towel is machine washable and easy to hang dry.

The curtains are available in various colors to meet your needs, so choose one that looks nice in your bathroom. Its theme of leaves is also available as green, purple, blue, lilac, blue, black, and A-green leaves.

Its natural design will transform your bathroom and make it appear beautiful. Just choose a color that matches your bathroom décor.


Are doorless showers a great idea?

Doorless showers help you to save time by letting you enter your shower without having to open doors. Moreover, shower doors can be tough to clean because of stubborn soap scum and other deposits that can form on the glass.

Why do most homeowners have shower curtains in their bathrooms?

Shower curtains can help people with limited space by sliding them to one side of the shower to put more space in your tub. Shower curtains also offer excellent accessibility in your bathroom.

Should seniors install glass doors in their showers?

Glass shower doors help seniors stay safe and enjoy a hassle-free area to get in and out of the bathroom. However, many seniors have difficulty using an old sliding glass door because of poor coordination or other limitations. A simple swing-open shower curtain is easy to use.

Wrapping Up

Installing a shower curtain instead of a shower door in a walk-in shower is very easy. It will cost you less and will be a wonderful accent for your bathroom. All you need is a good shower curtain, a good shower curtain liner, and some shower rods to hold the curtain in place.

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