Kerdi Shower Pan Problems

Kerdi shower sets are designed to allow you to have an all-inclusive shower in the comfort of your own home. Kerdi offers you a complete set of showering components, but there are a few things that you should consider before purchasing the set. Most customers are disappointed with the Kerdi niche because of its central partition. It’s cumbersome and space-consuming to tile up the divider.

Experts suggest replacing the tiled partition with a tempered glass panel

 if you have a small bathroom. Furthermore, the pan appears loose, despite not having a thin-set coating. The coating is about 34 of an inch thick. It tapers to almost nothing to match the level on the shower wall.

This article explains the different problems that the Kerdi shower pan can cause, how you can install it, as well as FAQs. Please continue reading to learn more concerning the kerdi shower pan problems and to how fix them.

Common Kerdi Shower Pan Problems And How To Fix Them

In a hurry? Please wait! Below are the 2 common kerdi shower pan problems and tips on how to solve them.

1. Kerdi Shower Pan Don’t Future Holes In Their Drain

Kerdi shower pans trap water because of the weak connection between the waterproofing layer and the granite. Spot bonding forms cavities that collect a lot of water; it will also cause water to accumulate in the grout.

The grout may dry out quickly and look dull. This causes mold and mildew to grow. Kerdi shower pans are solid and waterproof, so you should not be worried about water damage.

But if you have a shower pan that is not entirely waterproof, standing water will have problems. Using a thin set to seal the seams of your shower pans will be crucial.

TCNA recommends using 100% waterproofing on all shower pans. It is crucial to ensure that there are no blanks in the thin-set utilized to join the sheet membranes. Following our advice could save you the stress related to water hammering into your shower pan if you follow our advice.

2. Use 2 Layers of Waterproofing Fleece And Thin-Set

Using 2 layers of waterproofing fleece and thin-set will force water up through the base of the shower pan and into the drywall below. Water will eventually enter the walls and cause rot and mildew to form. The drywall will also start to become damaged.

Here are the key takeaways from the many questions about waterproof shower pans.

  1. If you are using waterproofing under a Kerdi shower pan, you must ensure that the thin set under the tile is completely covered in order to prevent water from pooling.
  2. Avoid soaking all your waterproofing systems in a large tub or shower for an extended period.
  3. Using a thin-set to join the sheets of membrane together is essential.
  4. After scoring your shower pan to the desired length, snap the sheet along the cut line and apply consistent pressure.

Advantages of Kerdi Shower Pan

  • Kerdi shower pan is quick to install because of its broad base. It is sturdy and durable; you may even trim it on all four sides.
  • It offers you greater flexibility.
  • It prevents mildew and mold growth in your shower area.
  • It gives you a sturdy and robust base for your shower units. It also provides a strong and stable foundation for your shower units.
  • You may install a shelf at the top of the shower pan, which can be placed anywhere you like.

Disadvantages of Kerdi Shower Pan

  • Putting down the waterproof membrane on a flat surface is difficult.


1. Is it possible to customize a Keri Shower Pan to fit your shower?

Answer: Yes! Using a house knife, you may cut a shower pan to the required height. Since the tray slopes down, the area around the pan will be narrower. Trim the pan to the exact measurements on all sides to get a height that looks uniform.

2. Can you cover up a porch with kerdi board?

Answer: If you want to tile a small area of the Schlüter-Kerdi-BOARD, you can cover it with a thin-set membrane or a unique adhesive.

3. Can your Remove Tiles From Kerdi Membrane?

Answer: If something unexpectedly leaks from a leaking wall or floor, you may be able to cut the leaking area off the Kerdi board, remove the damaged area, and then replace the leaking area. It isn’t delightful, but the installation should last a long time.

4. Is installing a kerdi band required?

Answer: Being that the matting boasts a waterproofing function, the only thing that you will need to do is to caulk the connectors and joints. Since the floor is made of waterproof polypropylene material, it is safe to use the system whenever a leak occurs unexpectedly.

5. How long will it take for kerdi to dry?

Answer: It’s recommended that you wait until the next day after installing the kerdi board to enable the application of the last set of mortar on the seams and joints.

6. Is A KERDI Shower long-lasting?

Answer:  Kerdi showers last for at least 50 years.

7. Why is it not mostly recommended to use  A customized Thin-Set With KERDI Shower Pans?

Answer: It’s not recommended that you use KERDI with specific thin-set mortars since they may cause cracks and other damage. There are some problems with using thin-set mortar in a shower because the membrane prevents the mortar from drying entirely and might cause leaks or other problems.

8. Is Schluter Kerdi valuable?

Answer:  Schluter Kerdi pan is an exquisite product with plenty of installation options. It takes more time than typical mud-filled showers to install a KERDI shower pan and waterproof the entire shower system, but the wait is worth it.

9 . Are kerdi shower pans waterproof?

Answer: It uses a KERDI system that provides an excellent waterproofing system and is tile-ready. There are twelve different sizes of shower pans that KERDI provides. These include an outlet that lets you place a tub in a corner or a neo-angle shower.

10. Can You Use Tile to Cover A KERDI Shower Pan?

Answer: KERDI shower pans are waterproof because they are bonded to the wall using a particular grout system. The system allows you to install ceramic tile directly into the shower pan instead of using shower pan liners used for other types of shower pans.

11. You Can Use KERDI-BOARD On A Tiled Floor To Allow For A Level Surface when you install tiles.

Answer: Kerdi Board pan makes creating stable and even substrates simple. This enables you to easily place tiles and other building materials in areas where there is a need to allow for heavy foot traffic.

Cut KERDI-BOARD to the desired thickness using a sharp-edged utility knife. Drawing grid lines on both sides of the board ease things when you want to install tiles and other construction materials. 

12. Keridi-Board is a double-sided tape.

Answer: KERDI-BOARD-ZDK is a sealant tape that adheres to KERDI-BOARD tiles at joint sections or similar applications. It is easy to use and requires no extra maintenance. It is also fungus and mold-resistant.

13. Is it possible to install a kerdi-shower that has a slanted shower pan?

Answer: Schluter®-KERDI-SHOWERS-T/-TS/-TT are ready-made slanted shower trays with KERDI waterproofing that don’t need a mortar bed for installation.

14. Can you customize kerdi shower pans?

Answer: You can customize the Kerdi shower pan if you desire to. Trim the shower tray as needed so that the first layer of tiles is even higher.

Moreover, minor height variations can be compensated for with thin-set mortar when you install the floor tile. You can use dry pack mortar to make it possible to extend your shower base far beyond the shower tray.

Wrapping Up

Kerdi shower pans are one of the most popular bathroom accessories. Kerdi shower pans are exceptional in their design and can transform a plain bathroom into a modern one. They are effortless to install, and anyone can use them.

Nevertheless. Kerdi shower pan problems like installing waterproofing membranes and taking up a lot of shower space when tiles are put down make homeowners hesitate to use them.

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