Towel Ring Placement Ideas

There are numerous choices for bathroom accessories you can try out, but you must choose what works best for you and makes your bathroom comfortable and functional. Well-thought-out towel ring placement ideas can make your small bathroom look spacious, as you can hang hand towels and bath towels without cluttering the space.

Some people like to have smaller bathrooms for convenience, but that also means you have to work around certain space limitations. To ensure that you have enough space in your bathroom, you should use towel rings since they are very compact.

Where Should You Place Your Towel Ring?

You must find a perfect place to hang your towel where it will be easily accessible. More importantly, you should hang it where the water won’t drip all over your bathroom. Here are 8 perfect ideas to try out:

1. Above Your Sink

Try hanging your towel ring high above the sink or other accessory that allows you to easily reach your bath towels when you want to dry your hands or when you are trying to clean up a mess. If you have a large mirror above the sink, you can hang your towel on a towel ring that extends on either side of the mirror so that it is easily visible.

You can also use this idea to make your bathroom look more elegant. Monochromatic towels can look elegant and sophisticated, while bright-colored ones can make a room look dynamic. You can easily wrap yourself and keep warm when you step outside the shower.

2. Next To a Sink

Having towels near the sink is very useful when you want to dry your hands or dishes. If guests stay at your house, place the towels so they are easily visible to avoid confusion when they go to the toilet.

3. On The Shower Door

If you have a small bathroom, a towel ring on the shower door is usually the best option since it saves space and is easy to access. Putting a towel ring on a door is an efficient and fantastic way to use a small area in your bathroom.

You can place a towel ring on a bathroom, shower, or cabinet door. It lets you create a convenient and elegant look in your bathroom, although you can not do this if your shower has no door.

4. Besides a Shower or Bathtub

Large towel holders are better for hanging bath towels. You can also use a larger towel ring to make a statement in your bathroom décor. If you share a bathroom with others, you should install several towel rings to make their bathroom look more professional if you have towels placed.

5. On Top of Your Sink

This is possible if you’ve got a towel ring that sticks easily to the top of the sink and stays put when you have finished washing dishes. It allows people to easily access hand towels and also makes sure there are no obstructions to the sink.

6. On a Vanity

A towel ring that fits inside a bathroom vanity allows you to easily store a towel after every use. Mounting towel rings on a vanity allows you to save space and even mount more than one ring on a vanity.

This idea also works well for small and large bathrooms because it offers a convenient and accessible location for hand towels. It is also a great place to keep your hand towels hidden.

7. In a Walk-In Tub & Shower.

Hanging a towel ring in a bathroom with a much extra space is an excellent idea. It is not usually done, but it can be very helpful. Placing a washcloth or a damp towel on your towel ring in a walk-in shower will prevent water from flowing outside the shower. It will ensure that your bathroom remains clean. It’s also very convenient because you don’t have to get out of your shower to grab a towel. 

It’s important to note that putting a towel ring in a small walk-in shower is not a good idea because the water will eventually get all over your towels. If you’ve got an enormous walk-in shower, install a towel ring inside the shower to hang your towels. Then, ensure the towel ring is installed on the bathroom wall right opposite your shower head

8. Above Your Toilet

You can place a towel ring in the space over your toilet to allow you to conveniently hang towels and also give your bathroom a nice look. Using a towel ring above your toilet is nice, but you shouldn’t use it for hygiene reasons.

It’s because germs can be released as soon as you flush your toilet and can get into things as far as 6 feet away. These germs are spread through any liquid you flush, including poop, urine, and even vomit.

Germs can stick to the fibers in your towels for up to a week, and they can easily infect you if you use them to dry your hands or your body.

What is the Ideal Height for Placing a Towel Ring?

You can decide how high you want to hang your towel ring because there are no building inspectors or anybody else who will nag you over it. You can put it where it is most convenient and comfortable.

There are industry-accepted measures for towel holder height, which were developed based on users’ experiences, research, and customer feedback. It is recommended that you mount your towel ring at the recommended heights and do not attempt to make a guess.

The best height for a towel ring depends on the wall, where it will be, the people who use it, and how you intend to use it. So, here are the recommended heights based on the application:

1. Hand Towels

You will want to make your hand towels easily accessible to the sink to prevent spots and accidental drips from coming from your towels. If you have enough space, you can simply hang your hand towels on the side that faces the sink or at the top of the vanity.

 Ensure that there is at least 16 inches of clearance between the towel ring bottom and the countertop. This allows the towel to be placed where it will be convenient and not touch the sink or vanity. This applies to both bath towels and hand towels.

2. Bath Towels

According to the industry, the standard towel ring height is 50″- 52 ” above the floor. However, it’s better to have towel rings in your bathroom placed at different heights because there will be more people of different heights who can use them.

Here are the heights at which you should put a towel ring, depending on the person’s age.

AgeHeight Above The Floor
3-436 inches
5-840 inches
9-1248 inches

Features of the Best Towel Ring

Towel rings securely hold towels in place more efficiently than towel bars. When you are shopping for towel rings, it is vital to consider the following features.

1. Open or Closed Towel ring

You can choose between open or closed towel rings. Your preference will depend on your need and desire to have a secure place for the towel to rest. Open towel rings are anything that has a hole at the top that lets you quickly access the towel from the other side.

Closed towel rings are straightforward. They are just round or rectangular rings. Before you put your towel on the towel ring, you must fold it in half horizontally and vertically across the bottom of the ring so that the edges of the towel are touching. Adjust it so that the length of the two sides is equal to prevent it from touching your floor or the kitchen countertop.

2. Self-Adhesive

You may get self-adhesive towel rings. That way, you won’t have to put a hole in your door or wall to hang your towel. These are extremely strong, durable, easy to install, and ideal for smaller spaces such as guest rooms and powder rooms.

3. Rectangular or Round Shaped

Towel rings are available in two different shapes: round and rectangular. The rounded one is softer and traditional in style, whereas the rectangular one is more contemporary and elegant. Rectangular towel rings are a modern twist on classic designs.

However, both shapes have a variety of different variations, including different types of designs that can be made to complement different bathroom designs.


Is it necessary to have towel rings?

Towel rings are ideal for oversized towel hanging, so you should have some space for them. Even though they aren’t necessary, hooks and bars are very useful and convenient for many different bathroom designs.

Which method helps your towel to dry faster?

Towel bars let your towels dry more quickly than they would if they were hung from a hook or a ring.

Is it necessary to wash my towel after using it every time?

If you are planning to use a towel often, make sure that you let it completely dry between uses. It’s recommended to wash your bath towels often after 3-4 uses. If you shower daily, that means doing laundry at least twice a week.

Wrapping Up

Finding the right place to mount your towel rings can help you make the best use of your bathroom space. If you follow the ideas above, you should be able to find the right place to place your towel rings.

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