10 Impressive Halloween Bathroom Décor Ideas

Halloween is the perfect time to scare people with crazy, creepy decorations and food. It is the perfect time to show off your artistic and crafty side! It is also the perfect opportunity to be creative and spooky!

Perhaps, you may start decorating the smallest room in your house, which is your bathroom. So, are you stuck and wondering where to start? Don’t panic! You are at the right place! Below is a listing of the 10 best Halloween bathroom décor ideas you should try!

10 Great Halloween Bathroom Décor Ideas

1. Bloody Bathroom Mirror

Make a creepy-looking murder scene mirror that will give you and all your visitors’ goosebumps! With blood all over the mirror and the words murder written in reverse, everyone will feel scared!

Are you wondering how to do it? It’s simple! All you require is a pretty reflective mirror and a red-based paint. Some people have even tried to make ghosts from mirrors. It is undoubtedly one of the creepiest Halloween bathroom décor we have ever seen!

10 Best Halloween Bathroom Décor Ideas
Bloody mirror
10 Best Halloween Bathroom Décor Ideas

2. The Witch Theme Décor

If you don’t like the idea of messing your bathroom by decorating it with red paint, you can still try decorating it with a witchy theme. For this effect, you can get vintage stands lit up with black candles and place some of your favorite house plants in the corner to create a witchy theme.

Witch theme
10 Best Halloween Bathroom Décor Ideas
Kitch Aroma Black flameless Candles

Hang a witch hat in your bathtub and let the water float. Add some dark-colored bottles of witch medicine to the washbasin or hang low-powered light strings around the mirror to give a feeling of being in a graveyard.

10 Best Halloween Bathroom Décor Ideas
Skeleton Skull Powdered Bones Potion Bottle 

3. Grim Reaper Inside Your Bathroom

This grim reaper you put in your shower is one of the creepiest bathroom decor ideas. Jeez! Putting a long hat inside your bathroom that looks like it will sit on top of someone’s head when he comes to take a shower is one of the most frightening bathroom decor ideas for Halloween. You can add blue lighting inside the bathroom for an even scary feeling that can scare you out of your bathroom.

10 Best Halloween Bathroom Décor Ideas
Grim reaper decor

4. Mice, Bats, And spiders In The bathroom

Using creepy-looking props like bats, mice, and spiders in your bathroom is the perfect way to prepare for Halloween. Bugs and spiders crawl on your bathroom floor, making your décor look creepy. All you need to do is to put them in your toilet bathtub or inside the bowl.

10 Best Halloween Bathroom Décor Ideas
Spiders in bathroom

5. Skeletons Bathing

Some people don’t think you should have skeletons in your bathroom, but it would be interesting to have them there during Halloween. It’s going to blow your guest’s minds! You can make your skulls and skeletons or purchase them from Amazon. Skeletons can be placed on your toilet seat as though they were using your thrown. Also, you can make them lean against the wall below your shower. Mini skeletons will look great in the bathroom, taking a bath in a bowl or inside a cauldron.

10 Best Halloween Bathroom Décor Ideas
Skeleton using toilet

6. Halloween-Themed Floor Mats, Towels, and Curtains

You can easily spice up your bathroom with some specially designed Halloween-themed furnishes. There are many Halloween-themed towels, floor mats, and curtains that you can purchase online. You can either make your bloody bath mat by using red paint or purchase a readymade bloody bath mat that will change colors as you desire.

10 Best Halloween Bathroom Décor Ideas
Halloween curtains and mats

7. Adding Halloween Red lights

Adding red lights to your decor is a great idea that could establish a scary atmosphere and would create a horror scene.

 Being able to add a few bats to the bathroom mirror to give it an eerie feeling could also help make the atmosphere creepy.

10 Best Halloween Bathroom Décor Ideas
Eyeball string lights

8. Spooky Halloween Toilet Lid

You can scare your visitors with this frightening toilet lid sticker that shows a spirit coming from your toilet bowl. You can create a bathroom décor that looks scarier by stamping your feet in blood-ink and stamping the bathroom walls and floor. It will cause your guests to believe that your toilet is different than what they are used to seeing. Anyone who has a frightening experience like this will be afraid to even touch the toilet lid. It’s a wonderful, little horrifying surprise for everyone.

10 Best Halloween Bathroom Décor Ideas
Eyeball toilet lid

9. Scary Soap Dispenser

This is a simple trick. Put scary-looking ghoulish things like skull beads, fake bugs, googly eyes, or other scary things in a soap dispenser. Your guests will be freaked off by the scary things that they will see. You can also glue creepy faces that are cut from paper pumpkins on soap dispensers to scare children.

10 Best Halloween Bathroom Décor Ideas
Soap dispenser

10. Jack-O-Lantern decors

Jack-o-lanterns are a must-have for Halloween. They create a unique mood for trick-or-treaters. Buy some vintage lights and a garland that looks like the leaves of an autumn tree that you could use to hang some scary clothes. Lastly, turn down the lights to make them look a little cooler and add some fun Halloween decorations to make people really happy.

Spooky pumpkin skeleton


How can you make your home decor more spooky?

Here is a short DIY video to make things more spooky:

How can you make the water in your bathroom red?

Wick a red bottle from your garden and tip it over to the side. Keep it in the bathroom, and you will have blood-red water every time you flush the toilet. You will get a red flush every time you use the restroom. Use a red glow stick and place it inside your toilet tank. Awesome!

How should you keep Halloween masks?

If possible, store your Halloween masks in a bag that is sealed or in a box that is sealed. Metal or plastic masks are easy to maintain, thanks to their rigidity. But still, clean them prior to storage.

Wrapping Up

Halloween is still a popular celebration in the United States and other parts of the world. You don’t want to miss its fantastic experience! So, try these ideas for terrifying decorations in your bathroom. Good luck!

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