Your Toilet Won’t Unclog with Plunger? Here is the Solution

Have you tried using the plunger 10-30 times, and it didn’t do anything? Or have you tried baking soda, hot water, dish soap, and a bunch of other things that you’ve read online, but none of them worked?

It is kind of annoying that the water seems to go down very slowly every time you flush it. You don’t want to have some friends over in a few hours while you are still in this fixed situation! So, is there anything you can do to stop this? Don’t panic! We’ve got you covered!

Our Solutions

You can try renting a toilet auger to clear your toilet more efficiently, but if that doesn’t solve your problem, the issue is probably down the drain. If you feel it’s okay to pull the toilet and re-set it, try pulling it out to see if there is any standing water in your drain.

If there is a lot of water in the drain, you can rent a machine to drain it, even though we wouldn’t recommend doing that unless you’re comfortable handling it or you’ve got some experience. Without adequate knowledge, it can be dangerous for you to run large machines. So, take Caution!


Buy a beehive plunger. It will fit snugly into any hole that might have screwed up your toilet plunger’s seal. Here is what it looks like:

Beehive Max Universal Toilet Plunger:


Will my toilet certainly unclog itself over time?

When the water level in your toilet bowl is low, try filling the bowl with a bucket of water and drain it slowly until it is empty.

Can a wd40 unclog my toilet?

WD-40 dissolves the lime deposits and gunk that can often be found in your toilet bowl. Just spray a little WD-40 in it and apply a good scrub with a high-quality toilet brush.

Is it right to leave your toilet unclogged overnight?

If you’ve got an alternative washroom to use overnight, it may be less risky to leave a clog in the toilet than to call a plumber in the middle of the night. But if you don’t have an alternative bathroom, we strongly recommend you consider calling a plumber to come to your home before you go to bed.

Final Verdict

Many people have experienced a clogged toilet at one time or another, and while a plunger would generally do the job, it may not be of help always. Hence, you must find other ways to unclog your toilet. Consider using our tips, and thank us later! But ultimately, the fastest and safest way to unclog a toilet that is very stubborn is to employ a professional plumber. It will take less time to unclog a toilet than you thought!

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