15 Harry Potter Bathroom Ideas

A harry potter bathroom is one of the most exciting bathroom décors any homeowner can have. Unfortunately, many homeowners often forget and neglect their bathrooms and only use them for routine stuff like washing hands and getting ready to go to work. That’s why it’s not very surprising that the most depressing ghost in the Wizard universe, Moaning Myrtle, would choose to nap in a dingy, clammy bathroom. Even the toilets at Hogwarts aren’t very nice!

But while we don’t all have a place as fancy as a prefect’s bathroom, you can make a Harry Potter décor right in your bathroom. In this article, we share some of the bathroom stuff that we’ve collected from Harry Potter that we think are highly valuable to add to your design for an ideal Bathroom. We’ve included some magical shower towels, curtains, and other Harry Potter items you’ll need for your bathroom to look like the Wizarding World.

Harry Potter Bathroom Curtains

Shower curtains are probably the most important thing in your bathroom. That’s why you’ll want to have a Harry Potter theme in your bathroom curtains to create a magical bathroom. If you choose a set of shower curtains from the list below, you can rest assured that you’ll have a magical bath or shower every day – everyone will instantly notice what theme your bathroom is and wish to have a similar one in their homes.

1: Gdcover Map

Get this Gdcover Map which is a waterproof design. With this exciting piece, you’ll have a magical shower map in your bathroom, and it’s light and valuable.

13 Best Harry Potter Bathroom Ideas

2: Allenjoy Shower Curtain

Do you wish to go out for a wizarding trip in your bathroom? If that’s what you want, this fantastic platform shower curtain will be great. Its exceptional print quality means you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped through a huge brick wall.

13 Best Harry Potter Bathroom Ideas

If you don’t want a magical design or scene, below are other Harry Potter bathroom curtains for you.

3: Robe Ravenclaw Curtain

This shower curtain suits those who live in a house built by Rowena Ravenclaw.

13 Best Harry Potter Bathroom Ideas

4: Robe Hufflepuff Curtain

Hufflepuffs don’t quit! Robe Factory has also gone ahead to make a curtain that features a Badger emblem.

13 Best Harry Potter Bathroom Ideas

5: Robe Gryffindor Curtain

Robe Factory has invented a gorgeous bath curtain for the people who live in the house of Gryffindor. It features the house’s emblem, making it a great addition to any Harry Potter bathroom.

13 Best Harry Potter Bathroom Ideas

6: Robe Slytherin Curtain

And last but not least, this shower curtain from Harry Potter would look fabulous hanging in Severus Snape’s bathroom.

13 Best Harry Potter Bathroom Ideas

7: Harry Potter Bathroom Towels

When it’s time to go for a magical bath, you don’t want to use a muggle towel anymore. And that’s why you should check out these magical towels!

8: Houses Beach Towel

Are you planning to spend your holiday at the beach? Well, on your shopping list, don’t forget this beach towel. It’s classy and has four different colors (that is yellow, red, blue, and green) to make it colorful. The colors also are a symbol of Hogwarts houses.

13 Best Harry Potter Bathroom Ideas

9: Hooded Towel

This Harry potter hood towel is super soft and absorbent. It measures 22 inches x 51 inches and is manufactured from 100% cotton terry cloth that ensures softness while using the highest quality drying technology. Enjoy this beautiful towel while relaxing in the sun, taking a bath, or enjoying the pool. It’s a great towel for the pool or bath area! Your children will love using it before rushing to the house to watch their favorite TV show. It’s a must-have Harry Potter towel!

13 Best Harry Potter Bathroom Ideas

10: Mrauder’s Beach Towel

This compact, lightweight beach towel is comfortable, soft, durable, and breathable. It is super absorbent and dries quickly. The front side is made of 100% cotton, a soft, comfortable fabric, whereas the back is made of microfiber polyester, a soft and comfortable material. The good thing about this towel is that it’s perfect for children and adults. This towel is perfect for relaxing at the beach, pool, and at home.

13 Best Harry Potter Bathroom Ideas

11: Harry Potter Bathroom Add-on

After you add various things to your bathroom, such as some shower towels and curtains, you can start decorating your bathroom like a Harry Potter house. There are tons of Harry Potter bathroom decorations that will help you create an enchanting vibe.

12: Harry Potter Hogwarts Hooks

This set of Harry Potter Hogwarts hooks with wall hangings lets each member of your family or roommate get their special spot in the mudroom or entryway of the Hogwarts Home that best suits their character: Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Slytherin, or Ravenclaw. So you always know they left their hoodie on the ground, or if someone lost their keys. This pretty wall rack will help wizards organize their bathrooms, bedrooms, dorm room, and playrooms.

13 Best Harry Potter Bathroom Ideas

13: Lumos/Nox Double Switch

It’s easy to misuse resources like energy and water when you’re in the bathroom. Therefore, adding a decorative touch that features a Lumos/Nox light switch plate would be a great idea. Perhaps, when you’re finished using the bathroom, it will remind you to switch off the water or heater, eventually saving you some money.

13 Best Harry Potter Bathroom Ideas

14: Bella 25150 Tissue Box Holder

The Bellaa 25150 Tissue Box holder will fit any standard tissue box, so there’s no need to worry. It’s a beautiful, handmade wood scholar’s antique book box for storing tissues. Outside looks like a stack of treasure books. This high-quality tissue box is constructed with solid wood and has a large opening inside to allow you to put your tissue paper easily.

13 Best Harry Potter Bathroom Ideas

15: WengBeauty Rug Set

This quality, comfortable WengBeauty Rug Set is made from soft and stretchable fabric, with anti-slip rubber rots to prevent shoes from skidding and shifting. It features advanced single side printing technology. What we like about this rug is that the image isn’t blurred, and colors do not fade. It can be matched with any existing décor. Lastly, this rug is multipurpose.

13 Best Harry Potter Bathroom Ideas


Does Hogwarts have bathrooms?

There are bathrooms in Hogwarts that have toilets. One of them has an entrance into a hidden room where an 80-foot giant snake lives. It also has a toilet that looks like it is haunted. A couple of them are specially designed for the Prefects. The bathroom has a bathtub that measures 12 feet long, and that’s about the only place where a child may take birth at Hogwarts.

What is Moaning Myrtle?

Moaning Myrtle is a fancy name that is derived from the English word willow (weeping willow). The name may also be related to Moaning Minnie, a German artillery shell that produces a unique, moaning sound when it hits a target. Myrtle is a species of flowering plant that grows in much of north Africa and southern Europe.

What bathroom at Universal Studios does Moaning Myrtle stay in?

Hidden Gems of Hogsmeade, the magical home of Harry Potter. “Moaning Myrtle,” the ghost lives in the bathroom of a manor house.


You may never be able to build a bathroom that looks as nice as the one in the Harry Potter castle, but you can easily create an exceptional bathroom that will turn your entire home look magical. So, try purchasing some of these products and start making yourself a harry potter bathroom décor.

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