13 Ways To Keep Poop From Sticking To Toilet Bowl

We all know how horrible it is to clean our toilets. It is even more disgusting when poop sticks to the toilet bowl, and you have to scrub it to remove it. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that there are a few things that they can do to keep poop from sticking to the toilet bowl. Moreover, when nature calls, you don’t want to think about the poop in your toilet bowl.

Most such scenes that show disgusting things like poop sticking to the toilet can be very disturbing at times. Using a brush to scrub poop has never been anyone’s favorite activity. So, what can you do to prevent it? First, you need to know what causes it to prevent it from happening to your home or office toilet.

13 Tips to Keep Poop from Sticking to Toilet Bowl

Here are some proven tips to help you prevent poop from sticking to the toilet bowl:

1. Use the Right Toilet Cleaner

Make sure you use the right toilet cleaner to clean your toilet. Using toilet cleaners like Clorox is an easy way to remove stains and minerals from your toilet bowl. Toilet cleaners are safe and bio-degradable and help in preventing poop from gluing to the inside of the toilet bowl. 

When a good toilet cleaner is poured into your toilet bowl, it leaves a shiny film that allows poop to slide over the bowl and down the drain. The only problem with most toilet-cleaning products is that they make poop slide down the toilet only for a few days before they wear off. So you will have to put another dose of your favorite cleaner every week.

You can easily buy great detergents online or in a nearby neighborhood store. But, some of them are not equipped to properly remove stubborn stains from toilet bowl surfaces. Always choose cleaning agents that have stain-removing power. Pour some detergents and cleaning bleaches that have adequate cleaning power on the toilet bowls and leave them to work for a few minutes before you start your next round of washing.

Here is a quick video with more helpful tips.

2. Change Your Diet

Taking the right diet is good for you, your body, and your health. Some of the food you eat can cause sticky poop to adhere to your toilet bowl. Eating a lot of fiber will help a lot. Consider switching to a low-fat diet to avoid sticking your poop on the toilet bowl. Eat lots of vegetables and whole grains and other fruits. It will be good for your health, stomach, and bathroom. Some people lose weight by eating lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Including more fiber in your diet will make bowel movements easier and more frequent. Avoiding foods that are very rich in fat will often cause poop to be sticky.

3. Choose the Right Materials 

If you decide to purchase a toilet, it is important that you consider putting measures in place to prevent poop and other solid waste from sticking to your toilet bowl. Toilet bowls are made from different types of materials. The material used to make toilet bowls can cause poop to stick to the toilet bowl more easily. 

Sometimes, poop sticks more easily to toilet bowls that lack a smooth glossy finish than those with such a smooth finish. That is because a rougher finish on a toilet bowl can cause solid waste particles to lodge more strongly in the bowl. It may take several flushes or even several detergents to dislodge the solid waste particles. If you buy toilets with a Sanagloss finish, you will have an extremely smooth toilet bowl, allowing your toilet waste to drain easily in one flush.

4. Try With Coca-Cola

After cleaning your toilet, scrub it with a soft brush to remove the stains you have gotten from using mineral soap. Coca-Cola is not just a good drinking drink. It is also a decent toilet cleaner. Pour a bottle of Coke into your toilet bowl and let it work for 30 minutes. Afterward, scrub the area with a brush to remove stains from the toilet bowl. 

Furthermore, using Coca-Cola to clean a toilet costs only a few cents. You should use this method often. Although this might sound a bit unconventional, it works well if you need a quick fix for a problem and you don’t have any other cleaning products at home.

Coke for toilet cleaning
Coke for toilet cleaning

5. Use a Pumice Stone

Using a pumice stone helps you remove yellow stains from your toilet bowl. You can easily use pumice stones to remove yellow stains from the toilet bowl. With a pumice stone, you can gently scrub the toilet bowl by rolling the surface of the toilet bowl over it. Don’t scrub too hard! Using a Scouring Stick to scrub your toilet bowl will cause yellow toilet stains to disappear gradually.

6. Choose a Toilet with Modern Tornado Technology

Tornado flush technology is one such feature that can be found on most modern toilets. If you are thinking about buying a toilet, think about essential features that will help prevent poop from adhering to the toilet bowl. Tornado flush technology is ideal for removing waste in hard-to-reach areas. It uses about the same water quantity to flush the toilet as a regular toilet. 

The technology is ideal for removing even the most stubborn solid waste particles and stains because it delivers a powerful swirl that abrades the stains. In other words, the abrasive technology can remove sticky waste and leave your toilet sparklingly clean. Tornado flush technology is beneficial because it uses approximately the same amount of water per flush as a regular toilet. As a result, you will be able to save quick bucks on your water bill.

7. Avoid A Dry Toilet Bowl

Poop can stick to the bowl of your toilet if it is dry. It is especially bad for toilets that have not been flushed for a while. It is very difficult to remove poop that sticks to a waterless toilet bowl. Using a shoe protector spray can help you to easily and quickly solve this problem.

One of the most common causes of a dry toilet bowl is a clogged intake valve beneath the toilet. These valves can become blocked and not allow water to flow, especially in systems with hard water or old pipes.

8. Strengthen the Flush System

A weak toilet flush system can cause poop to remain stuck on the surface of the toilet bowl. This is a common problem in many households. A toilet flapper that turns off too quickly is probably the most prevalent cause. You can strengthen the flush system of your toilet by:

  • Clearing clogs in the traps to help flush the toilet smoothly
  • Opening the water supply valve
  • Adjusting the float on the toilet to make sure it flushes normally
  • Replacing your toilet’s flapper.
  • Unclogging the rim of the toilet
  • Calling an experienced plumber to help you unclog the rim of the toilet.

9. Use a Non-Sticking Spray

Many different types of non-stick sprays will help you clean up after you have pooped in the toilet. Sprays provide a slippery coating that will allow poop to slide down the toilet bowl easily. All you need to do is spray the inside of your toilet bowl with a non-stick spray.

Invisible shield toilet bowl cleaner
Invisible shield toilet bowl cleaner

10. Flush Before Using

Always flush the toilet before you use it. Flushing the toilet before you use it means that there is some water in the toilet bowl, making the surface of the toilet bowl smooth. It will force poop to flow out of the toilet seamlessly and keep your toilet bowl clean.

11. Clean Your Toilet between Uses

When you flush the toilet, some solid waste particles might remain in the toilet’s bowl. If you don’t clean your toilet bowl with a toilet brush before the next use, debris will accumulate on the toilet bowl and cause stains. Cleaning the bowl between toilet flushes with a regular toilet brush can prevent stuck poop from sticking to the toilet.

12. Flush the Toilet Regularly

By flushing it regularly, you can keep the toilet clear and clean of sticky poop. This allows you to ensure that the toilet bowl is always moist rather than dry. If you have been away from home for a long time or have not used your toilet in a while, you must flush it whenever you plan to use it.

13. Replace Your Toilet

Finally, you might need to replace your toilet. Sometimes it is impossible to clean the toilet bowl completely with the above solutions. Do your best to keep the surface as clean as possible, but if that doesn’t work, consider replacing your old toilet with a new efficient toilet. Thousands of water-saving toilet options online are designed to keep their surfaces perfectly clean and shiny, preventing poop from sticking to the bowl. A perfect example of a poop-resistant toilet is the Toto Promenade. It features a patented lubricating layer that gives the toilet a smooth surface.


The ease with which you can remove stubborn stains from your toilet is often dependent on what type of cleaners you use when you clean it. Using a soft bristle brush, you can easily prevent solid particles from sticking inside your toilet bowl. When used with a special cleaning agent, bristle brushes will leave your toilet looking brand new. Brushes made from soft bristles can clean your toilet bowl easily without scratching the surface like stiff brushes. This ensures that your toilet has a clean, modern look and feel.

Furthermore, using Coca-Cola to clean a toilet is a great solution that costs only a few cents. You should use this method often. Although this might sound a bit unconventional, it works well if you need a quick fix for a problem and doesn’t have any other cleaning products at home.

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