Impressive Kitchen Islands With Raised Bar Tops

The best kitchen island with raised bar top designs provide an excellent area for the family to gather and cook while chanting stories. And who doesn’t admire the idea of having a fashionable, elegant-looking kitchen island?

This fantastic home addition can allow your guests to relax as they enjoy beverages and appetizers. A kitchen island with raised bar top is a symbol of modern living. This article brings you the best kitchen island with raised bar top décor ideas to upgrade your kitchen. We are hopeful that once you’re done reading, you’ll already have the best choice in your mind. So read on!

 8 Great Kitchen Islands With Raised Bar Top Designs

Here are some great options for kitchen island with raised bar top design:

1. Wooden Design

Let’s start with a basic but beautiful wooden bar top. Kitchen islands with wooden bar top double as dining tables and storage space. As you all are aware, kitchen islands are often installed in the center of a kitchen and are the focal point of the kitchen. You must choose the ideal finish and material for your modern kitchen island with raised bar top. It should perfectly match the décor of your kitchen.

8 Best Kitchen Island With Raised Bar Top Designs
Wooden design

Outstanding Features:

  • Warm the kitchen island
  • If you’ve got a rustic kitchen, this option is ideal for your décor.
  • It’s not only adaptable but also durable

2. Granite Design

Granite kitchen islands with a small bar on the top are truly elegant and look great. This design is extremely practical; it can perfectly match the kitchen cabinets, backsplash, and flooring. Granite has a rich, glazed finish, is durable, and offers plenty of color options. It is extremely resistant to heat, and you can easily install your stove on the granite kitchen island. If there is enough space in the kitchen, you can even install a curved kitchen island with raised bar top.

8 Best Kitchen Island With Raised Bar Top Designs
Granite design

Outstanding Features:

  • It’s heat resistant
  • It offers a smooth and functional surface
  • Available in many colors and finishes
  • Budget-friendly
  • Cleaning is a breeze

3. Antique Design

When choosing an antique bar top, you can also get a wonderful-looking bar top that will look amazing in a modern kitchen. This raised kitchen bar top is a perfect way to represent an antique kitchen cabinet. One can use the raised bar top to prepare food.

For instance, you can put down a saucer of inky coffee cups to make some tasty food, then take them to the dining table or the sink. This antique bar top also looks amazing when used to prepare drinks or to put on a table in the kitchen to serve people as refreshments.

8 Best Kitchen Island With Raised Bar Top Designs
Antique design

Outstanding Features:

  • Features durable wooden material
  • Available in many colors and wooden material
  • Excellent alignment with sink, refrigerator, and stove
  • Maintaining hygiene is simple

4. Marble Design

While marble is expensive and requires more frequent maintenance, it is an excellent choice if your kitchen island features a large bar top in the center. The beautiful marble gives a modern look to your kitchen island and creates dramatic-looking veins that give the illusion of being more sophisticated.

White marbles seem to be the most popular choice, you can also go for beautiful marbles in other colors, such as earthy brown or a cool blue that matches your kitchen island. What’s more, you can opt for high-gloss laminated kitchen cabinets with beautiful colors like olive green to give your kitchen an ultra-chic look.

8 Best Kitchen Island With Raised Bar Top Designs
Marble bar top design

Outstanding Features:

  • It gives your kitchen an astonishing look
  • Durable if well maintained
  • It is also a pretty contrast against flashy colors

5. Neutral Design

Kitchen islands that feature a raised bar top with a neutral design are very popular with many people. They are perfect to match nearly any kitchen décor and color scheme. A neutral design is usually simple and use neutral and basic materials, such as a flat top bar or a pillar. This kitchen island is perfect for a small kitchen since you will only view the sink and the bar that is placed on top of the bar. This bar top looks neutral, as it has a light grey shade, and the pillar is a dark brown shade.

8 Best Kitchen Island With Raised Bar Top Designs
Neutral design

Outstanding Features:

  • Easy to maintain hygiene
  • It’s budget-friendly
  • It’s less porous than the others

6. Concise Design

This design makes your kitchen island look very elegant because of the elegant-looking bar top. The kitchen island with raised bar top featuring a concise design looks very elegant when someone switches on the light. It’s pricey and classy; a bar top that looks good when added to an elegant-looking kitchen island is perfect.

8 Best Kitchen Island With Raised Bar Top Designs
Concise design

Outstanding Features:

  • Cleaning is a breeze
  • Brightens up your kitchen island
  • It gives your kitchen a unique finish

7. Pair Backsplash Design

This bar top is made from dark marble that actually looks dark. It looks dark in a real sense, but it glows brightly if it matches the kitchen backsplash color. However, having a kitchen island with a dark bar top isn’t enough. Having it properly maintained and having a good anti-scratch coating is equally important.

8 Best Kitchen Island With Raised Bar Top Designs
Pair backsplash design

Outstanding Features:

  • Highly durable material
  • Excellently align with all kitchen units
  • It provides a dark contrast to your kitchen island

8. Stainless Steel Design

Raised stainless steel kitchen bar tops give a modern, sophisticated, and opulent look. This design will blend beautifully with any kitchen décor. By properly placing a bar on the kitchen island, you can create an illusion that the island is bigger and brighter than it is. The kitchen island design is beautiful and features lovely laminates in olive green and pink blush colors.

8 Best Kitchen Island With Raised Bar Top Designs
Stainless design

Outstanding Features:

  • Heat resistant
  • Sturdy material
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • It gives your kitchen a glamor finish

Pros of Kitchen Islands With Raised Bar Tops

Here are reasons why you should install a kitchen Island with Raised Bar Top.

It Helps to Hide the Clutter

When guests are standing on the island at a regular height, they can see all the clutter that may be located on your kitchen countertop, which can cause you to feel a little uneasy. With an extra height that a bar counter or other type of raised worktop adds, anything that might be stacked on the countertop will be hidden, which will give the illusion that the space is very clean.

Ideal for Entertainment

If you host gatherings in your home fairly consistently, then a raised bar can offer more space for guests to sit and rest their feet while they enjoy their meal. A raised bar counter allows you to put out finger foods that guests can enjoy because it provides additional height.

It Permits Interactions with Guest Without Interference

Those with regular counter space appear less welcoming for guests to sit down and relax because they look like they are obstructing the cook’s space. Raised bar countertops help to draw a clear line between your kitchen and your living room, allowing visitors to feel more comfortable sitting on the island.

Cons of Kitchen Island With Raised Bar Top

Now let’s see some of the drawbacks of installing a Kitchen Island With Raised Bar Top.

Creates Additional Work

While you are busy cooking and entertaining, the last thing you wish to do is clean the countertop. Especially since high-end kitchen islands come with a variety of different bar-top styles, you may have to clean two separate kitchen counters instead of just one.

Less Fun for Children

Kitchen bars with raised counters often require extra stools to sit at a comfortable height. However, the kitchen bar stools are typically higher than normal island seating, which makes it difficult for small kids to climb up and sit on high bar countertops.

Reduces Prep Space

You all know how valuable the counter space is. If you love to cook, a bar with a raised countertop may not be the best option because it will mean that you have a lot less counter space to prepare food.


Are kitchen islands set in counter height or bar height?

Kitchen islands are usually 42 inches high because they are elevated from the ground (that is, they are considered bar height). A kitchen island with a standard height is 36″ high, and a kitchen island with tall bar height is 42″ high.

Can you build a custom-made kitchen island if you want more space in your kitchen?

If you want to raise the kitchen countertop height, you need to add a wider kick to the bottom of your base cabinet. When you lift a base cabinet, a frame is placed in front of it, allowing you to raise the countertop to the desired height. When you lift a cabinet, you can insert a frame to support the new countertop.

Are bar-height kitchen counters becoming less popular?

People were keen on having bar-height kitchen counters in their kitchens not too long ago. They were the height of interior design fashion! But as modern houses get bigger and brighter, bar-height kitchen counters are becoming less popular.

Final Thoughts

That wraps it up for our list of the coolest kitchen islands with raised bar top designs! Pick one fantastic design that will give your kitchen a modern and authentic look. In today’s modernized world, it is essential to keep up with the fashion. So, start making these stylish island designs for your kitchen!

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