44 Coolest Kitchen Gadgets that Many People Don’t Know About

Every kitchen contains an assortment of utensils, gadgets, and small appliances that don’t serve any purpose beyond gathering dust. If you thoroughly audit your kitchen, you’ll realize you don’t probably need that pewter corn cob holder and other sophisticated gadgets you bought for the mere sake of trying out something. However, a fear of clutter shouldn’t dissuade you from investing in a few classy, unique gadgets that serve a practical function in your home. Check out our list of 44 coolest kitchen gadgets that many people don’t know about yet.

1. Salad Dressing Mixer

Simply mix all the ingredients in the bowl of your favorite salad dressing mixer and put them in a jar to mix together. You likely think that purchasing prepared-looking salad dressings is boring or unhealthy. But with a clever gadget like the Salad Dressing Mixer, you can make your own homemade dressings! If you’re planning to make a salad or make your own dressing, you can easily make your own dressing by turning the dial on your salad dressing mixer. Then, enjoy your new creations without the need to buy costly fancy equipment.

2. SCI Cuisine Square Egg Press

This cool kitchen gadget can be used to press a perfectly shaped egg into a pretty shape while it remains warm. Get creative with this gadget by adding a food-shaped object to your snack. Put a hot, hard-boiled egg in the chamber, and then twist it. The egg will shrink as it cools, making it look like you’ve just cut it. When your egg is cooled, it will resemble a square when it lays flat; when it is done, you will see a very fine, clean edge on the inside of the egg.

3. Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream Maker

When you’re craving a bowl of frozen yogurt or a scoop of ice cream, you no longer need to even leave the house to get your fix. Add all the ingredients to a mixing bowl, turn the mixer on, and enjoy your favorite frozen dessert.

4. Snap N Strainer from Kitchen Gizmo 

This gadget allows you to pour hot water into large bowls and pans quickly. It is extremely tedious to try to get pasta, veggies, or other food off of a pot of boiling water. This useful kitchen gadget holds water in place and enables you to easily drain your water using just one hand.

5. Whisk Wiper 

This handy kitchen appliance can help you clean up after using a whisk. One of the minor inconveniences of using a whisk is that you need to wash the brush that’s on your kitchen floor when you’re done using it, which means that the area where the whisk rests will be extremely difficult to clean. 

Some people spend a lot of time trying to clean all the whisks that they use by trying to separate each loop with a sponge. The results of trying to do that are usually less than perfect. The Whisk Wiper is a handy little gadget that allows you to easily clean that last bit of batter that you scraped off your whisk (and your sanity).

6. Grating Plate Grating Plate

If you are using a large grating plate, a bigger plate will fit better on it. Why grate cheese over a dinner plate when you can do it on a disposable plate? This dish is useful for grating garlic and other food items. You can use it to chop up hard cheese and other hard foods. The Grate Plate is available in 13 different colors to make it look very cute.

7. Flamekiss Egg Cooking Pan

If you struggle with separating eggs when you cook them, consider this pan from Flamekiss. Its flat surface allows you to easily cut your eggs into three perfectly round servings.

8. Ice Cream Sliders.

Rather than making homemade ice pops, invest in this ice cream slider maker. Put any kind of cookie you like in the bottom of the mold, put some ice cream on the top, and top with another cookie to create a custom treat. It’s easier than driving to a grocery store and buying an ice cream sandwich. We’ll let each of us decide for ourselves.

9. Pac Man Oven Mitts

If you like to watch Pac-Man movies, you will appreciate these handy oven mitts. Pac Man silicone oven mitts are a fun and unusual alternative to traditional potholders. Some kids may not know who Pac-Man is, but as long as you give them plenty of cookies to enjoy, it won’t matter.

10. Alli-grater

This funny grater has handles that look like big, cute gators that have a soft inside so that when you’re not using it, you can look like you have a set of alligator teeth. Specifically, if you love cheese and are afraid that your food might get eaten by the gators in the Florida Everglades, this product is for you.

11. Soup Cubes

With this fancy kitchen gadget, you can stop throwing away frozen soup and use these silicone trays to put soups, stocks, or other liquids in ice cubes that you can later reheat.

12. Erupting Volcano Microwave Cleaner

If you constantly need to clean your microwave, this is the tool for you. Stop trying to squeeze through all the crevices of your microwave and try to get the right food out of every dish. This hot liquid cleans microwaves quickly by combining vinegar and water and then erupting inside the microwave to release some steam. Using this product, you’ll have your microwave sparkling clean within a few minutes; a quick wipe-down will make the process go smoothly.

13. Egg Cuber

It is easy to make egg cubes with this simple gadget. We’ve all been there. You begin every morning by saying, When will eggs become useful building materials? It seems like the time has finally come for people to use eggs for building things. This is a great way to turn hard-boiled eggs into cute little cubes. A super-sized egg is about to be the envy of a few thousand breakfast guests. 

14. Strawberry Stem Remover 

This gadget features an extendable claw that allows you to push into strawberries and easily extract the stems. No more fiddling with your hands to get the stems out! This handy gadget is perfect for anyone who loves strawberries but hates spending money.

15. Mini Infrared Heater

Instead of having to touch your food to test its temperature, this gadget measures the temperature at which food is heated. This infrared thermometer heats up food precisely and quickly, and it is so small that it does not require touching the food. It is perfect for traveling or for telling strangers who are staying with you what their temperature is.

16. Carrots Peeler and sharpener

You can peel and sharpen carrots easily by using a handy little gadget. In case you ever feel the need to make a weapon from a carrot.

17. Genie Egg Peeler

Give your guests the pleasure of peeling their own eggs! This clever gadget allows people to scramble eggs and then serve them with no need to remove them from their shells. You can scramble an egg by simply peeling it off the eggshell using a fork. Then, enjoy the delicious scrambled eggs you just made.

18. Microwave S’More Maker 

A microwave maker allows you to create cool things with your microwave. If you often want to make a good s’more but are tired of being told that you should not start a bonfire in your office parking lot, invest in a microwave s’more maker. That way, you can easily prepare your favorite camping snacks fire-free. 

19. Corn Peeler

This gadget allows you to easily peel and remove the outer layer of corn without having to open your microwave. Corn peelers allow you to easily remove corn kernels from corn ears and prevent you from dealing with messy corn cobs. 

20. Pancake Pen

This little gadget allows you to quickly and conveniently make pancakes by filling it with up to three cups of pancake batter. Allow your child to design their own letters and shapes using the pancake pen. Great for when your loved one is done trying everything and needs to drink a little milk to stop crying.

21. Peel and Devein Prawns and Shrimps

If you like your shrimp very much, you’ll appreciate having this handy tool. Using this handy tool, you can easily remove the tough shells from shrimp and make delicious cocktails from them.

22. Pluck Egg Separator

This is a great tool for anyone who loves to peel and scramble eggs but hates spending money to buy them. This little device acts like suction to allow you to easily separate eggs without cracking them. It will separate the yolks from the egg shells, which will help you to enjoy the yolks when you have another bowl to put the eggs in.

23. SpreadTHAT! Cooking Knife 

This innovative knife heats butter and then spreads it across everything. You can easily cut and spread butter at room temperature. A heating knife quickly melts butter by heating it, so no more stress about spreading cold butter on your toast. Spread ThAT! to everyone you meet.

24. NoCry Cut-Resistant Gloves 

These gloves are as tough as disposable gloves and are perfect for cooking and eating. Do you frequently slice your finger while you’re cutting tomatoes? No more needing to put band-aids on cut-resistant gloves when you are doing something like peeling a tomato. Instead, take advantage of these handy gloves that will save you money. They’re stronger than leather, but they’re lighter and machine washable.

25. Chork

A chork makes it easy to use both ends of a large chopstick and a fork when you want to avoid being rudely asked what you just did while you were eating Asian food.

26. Finger Guard

A great gadget for people who need to keep safe when chopping and dicing vegetables. Even if you’re not very dexterous, you can easily get by with this cute little kitchen gadget. This gadget protects your hands when you’re doing some serious chopping.

27. Adjustable Rolling Pin

If you roll things around on a rolling pin, the roll will turn around and sit on a sharp edge, rather than the standard steel rolling pin that you use with some other tools. You can achieve great results when you use this adjustable rolling pin to make pies, tarts, and pizzas quickly and easily. The removable rolling pin lets you easily roll out dough according to the thickness you want it.

28. Hot Dog Slicer

If you want to slice hot dogs quickly, this gadget is a must-have. It’s great for families with small children because it cuts hot dogs with a cute dachshund design and has a convenient condiment bowl. It cuts hot dogs without the need for a sharp knife, thereby protecting small children from nasty cuts.

29. Bear Paw Shredder Claws

These are just as cute as traditional paw-like scissors, and they even help you cut through hard-boiled eggs. These sharp imitation claws allow you to easily shred meat such as chicken, pork, or beef. After you cook some meat, you can simply put the meat on top of a mesh plate and put the resulting shreds in a dishwasher to clean.

30. Condiment Gun

This great tool lets you easily shave off the hard bits of meat that are often served with shrimp. This revolver gun will allow you to say; I think you should like my cooking more! It features two reusable cartridges, so you don’t have to worry about running out of ammo.

31. Stuffed Burger Press

This handy device lets you make burgers, fries, and more. It will let you easily make burgers from any of the crazy ingredients you can think of.

32. Microwave Bacon Rack 

This cool kitchen gadget is perfect for keeping your toast warm. Are you tired of cooking bacon for hours on the stove? The microwave bacon rack allows you to cook bacon quickly and easily in the microwave while removing some of the fat that usually comes with the consumption of this delicious breakfast food. 

33. Avocado Slicer

If you like to eat lots of avocados, this handy gadget will allow you to eat many more avocados. It allows you to easily slice through avocado and remove any of the flavors. It’s like a Swiss Army knife for foodies.

34. Garlic Chopper from GarlicZoom

Chopping garlic is widely recognized as one of the most tedious and irritating kitchen chores. This little gadget removes all the frustration that comes with chopping garlic. It makes it easy to chop garlic. Just place a few cloves of garlic inside a small plastic ball that comes with the chopper and vigorously roll the wheels over any hard surface.

35. Citrus Juice Sprayer

If you want to spray a lot of juice on a certain area of the kitchen, this is the gadget to use. This clever gadget will turn any citrus fruit into a beautiful and convenient source of citrus juice. Goes well with most fruits and vegetables and even on your armpits.

36. Egg Minder

It takes just a few simple steps to create an edible egg from a single egg. This clever gadget can sync with your phone and allow you to know exactly how many eggs are in your refrigerator, which eggs are the oldest, and more.

37. Clever Cereal Bowl 

This clever bowl cannot be ruined because of overcooking, and your food will always taste good! It has a partially removable partition that allows you to put milk and other cereal in the bowl. It’s the perfect bowl for people who don’t understand what cereal is all about.

38. One-Click Butter Cutter

The simple yet effective way to cut butter is to simply use a stick of butter. It is easy to make perfectly smooth butter pats on whatever you are planning to put in a dish. You will love this tool because it is a very handy and convenient gadget that you can use to prepare butter easily. That is until you give it to your little one.

39. Clip-on Strainer for Pasta

This handy gadget will allow you to quickly drain your pasta, making it even faster to cook it! It is universally designed to fit all types of dishware, including large bowls and pots. It is also extremely compact, so it stores well for easy storage. It’s portable and can be stored anywhere.

40. Dumpling Cube

This is the ultimate kitchen tool! Making your own dumplings can seem daunting, but with this handy tool, it just became a breeze. It makes four perfectly-shaped dumplings at a time.

41. Pomegranate Seeding Tool

Seeding pomegranates is messy, but using this tool will eliminate the mess! Helper lets you place a pomegranate on a grid, cover it with a heavy cloth, and then strike the pomegranate with a heavy spoon to loosen the seeds. All the spiky parts will be contained. And if you want to make handling kiwis or pineapples even easier, you’ll find many other useful functions in this gadget.

42. Hide & Drink Cast Iron Handguards

Cast-iron skillets are a kitchen essential – but those hot handles and hot corners don’t make them easy to grab. Keep your hands from burning by using this set of high-quality hand guards for your cast iron pans.

43. Automatic Pan Stirrer

This cool gadget will automatically stir any pan that you place it in. Stirring up food while you’re busy making other dishes is often a nice way to relax, but not if other tasks in the kitchen are taking up all your time. You can help your kitchen become more efficient with this automatic whisk that stirs itself when you set it to stir. You don’t have to spend time constantly stirring the pot. Just set a timer for it to start working as soon as you start stirring the food.

44. Turbo Pot Rapid Boiling Pot 

What is more frustrating than watching a dry paint job dry? Waiting a few minutes for the water to slowly boil can be frustrating. This pot quickly brings water to boil on a gas or electric stove or an open flame by using aluminum fins on the bottom of the pot. You can also opt for a 2.2-quart saucepan or an 8.1-quart stockpot.

Wrapping Up

So, which of these cool kitchen gadgets caught your attention? Many people are unaware of numerous other innovative kitchen gadgets, and many more are cropping up each day. Feel free to share with us your thoughts in the comment box below!

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