Why Do Spiders Like Bathrooms?

Have you ever asked yourself why do spiders like bathrooms? Perhaps a hundred times. It’s prevalent to find spiders in the bathroom because they love to hide in dark and damp places. Spiders serve a great purpose in our natural universe and even in our homes, but that doesn’t mean they’re welcome in our bathrooms. So, how can you prevent spiders from always feeling welcomed in your bathroom?

Ways to Avert Spiders from Your Bathroom

Here are a few proven ways to prevent spiders from making your bathroom their haven:

1. Replace All Seals Around Doors, Windows, and Exteriors

Spiders always try to get inside your house and into your bathroom through small cracks. And no, they never bother to knock on your door! With time, the seals around your doors, windows, and exteriors may crack, get damaged, or dry up without your knowledge. So, replacing these seals periodically may help prevent spiders from finding loopholes to enter your bathroom.

2. Seal Around Wires and Pipes That Spider May Use to Access Your Bathroom

Many people think that this is obvious but end up missing it. When you want to keep spiders out of your bathroom, you have to seal off any gaps that are visible along the walls. That means getting under the sink and using caulk to seal the cracks that spiders might be able to squeeze through. You can use anything to help you close gaps tightly to avert spiders out of your bathroom.

3. Clean Thoroughly

Cleaning is vital when you need to control any pest invasion in your home. Spiders love using dark places to hide and nest. If you maintain a top cleaning routine in your house, spiders are less likely to come into your home!

Organizing, dusting, and rearranging items found in your bathroom may disrupt their hiding nests. In other words, cleaning your bathroom would discourage any spider from feeling welcomed. So, don’t overlook a top routine of cleaning your bathroom. It’s also essential for controlling other unwanted bathroom pests!

4. Jam The Baseboards

This is another thing that people don’t think about very often when it comes to averting spiders from getting into places that they shouldn’t be. Spiders often find it easy to slip out and into the baseboards of your house.

If you see spiders crawling around your bathroom, especially in places like the bathtub or the floor, it might be the right time to check these areas for any damage or cracks. Using a bit of caulk to jam these areas significantly reduces the possibility that spiders can get inside a place they shouldn’t.

5. Use Natural Spider Repellents

Many people hate chemicals because of their children’s safety. Fortunately, there are plenty of chemical-free ways to repel spiders from the bathroom. Here are a few options you could try:

White Vinegar

White vinegar repels most pests that you can think of, including spiders! It’s harmless to humans, but spiders are extremely sensitive to the acetic acid in white vinegar. You can use vinegar as a natural pest repellent by adding it to a spray bottle that you can use to spray around the house.

Use Citrus

Spiders hate vinegar, but they hate citrus as much as anything else! Keeping a bowl of fresh citrus fruit in your bathroom will keep the spiders away, and if you utilize natural citrus oils in your daily routine of pest control, you’ll have a bathroom that smells amazing!

You can add some flavor to your artificial vinegar spray by drenching some orange peels in your spray and letting it stay overnight. You can then use the spray precisely as you would regular white vinegar spray.

Use Peppermint

Peppermint is among those plants that are commonly used to expel harmful insects. If you have peppermint oil, you can add it to water and spray it around the bathroom and your entire home. It repels spiders!

You can find many products that heavily depend on peppermint oil and claim to be natural repellents with no harsh chemicals. If you don’t like making oils from scratch and using them around your house, you can always go for such options. They are generally available online and in supermarkets.

Another perfect trick to try is to put mint in teapots or satchels and hide it in their bathroom drawers to repel spiders that may be hiding in such dark cupboards. Finally, you can plant mint in the backyard of your home to create a natural fence for spiders around your house.

Natural Ways to Repel Spiders from Your Bathroom

There are three natural repellents you probably have in your home already, but it’s good to know other options that you can consider as well. They include:

1. Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is one of those things that most people wouldn’t think of when it comes to keeping spiders out of their bathrooms and showers. Diatomaceous earth is made from fossilized algae remains called diatoms, and its shells are processed from silica. It’s excellent for keeping spiders out of your bathroom because they simply hate it!

This method works well for spiders because the Diatomaceous Earth will absorb them and completely wipe them out.

To use Diatomaceous Earth, mix it thoroughly in water. Next, spray the mixture around your bathroom, cabinets, and any suspicious dark areas where spiders can build their nests. Here is a quick video to demonstrate what we mean.

2. Ultrasonic Sound Spider Repellants

Ultrasonic sound will cause spiders to move out of your bathroom by causing vibrations in the ceiling. These can be placed inside walls or just like any other trap that will lure a pest to your home.

The sound pulsates at a pitch that we cannot hear, but it can help you eliminate the spiders that are always hiding in your bathroom. It sounds deafening as it vibrates at a high frequency, at a rate of about 65,000 Hz. It is supposedly strong enough to repel many pests.

Unfortunately, there are not as many studies proving that it works compared to other outlined methods. However, many positive reviews on different products claim that it works. But perhaps, you’ll have to try this and see for yourself.

The advantage is that it’s cost-efficient compared to buying sprays and repellants, which may require you to reapply after a short period.

Here is a great Ultrasonic sound repellant on the market today.

3. Cedar Chips and Cedar Blocks

This is yet another unique tip to keep spiders from coming into your home. Spiders hate cedar wood, and hiding chips in small corners of your bathroom can help to keep them away.

The good thing about this method of everting spiders from your bathroom is that cedar leaves a nice pleasant woody smell in your restroom.


Does light attract spiders?

No. Spiders are attracted to tasty food. They gravitate towards bright lights because other insects (Particularly flying insects) are attracted to these lights as well.

If you kill a spider, can it attract other spiders to your bathroom?

Dead spiders will not attract other spiders but will attract other pests, including spiders, to eat their carcass.

What kind of smell do spiders dislike?

Spiders hate strong smells, such as lemon, orange, spiced drinks, tea trees, lavender, cinnamon or rose.

Final Verdict

Spiders are tough to get out of your bathroom, especially when they begin to pop up in your tub. But fortunately, we’ve covered several ways to get rid of them completely. Your most suitable method, however, relies on how you want to approach the problem. But if you are unsure what option to go with, you can always call an expert for help.

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