Is Eating Lunch in the Bathroom Stall Bad?

Eating lunch in the bathroom stall is not bad. Many people have done this before, so you aren’t the first one. This weird behavior often happens at college when someone may be trying to find their own comfort or peace while eating. Maybe it’s because you’re lonely most of the time, or it’s just a temporary habit that can end. There is nothing to be ashamed of, but surely, there are many sanitary concerns about this behavior.

Is It Sanitary to Eat Your Lunch in the Bathroom Stall?

It’s unsanitary to eat your lunch in the bathroom stalls. Just because there is no one else in the bathroom doesn’t mean you should go and sit by yourself and much your lunch. If someone else sits with you in any other place, you will be able to eat comfortably and escape the risk of becoming sick because of eating in the bathroom stall.

Even the cleanest of bathrooms can become breeding grounds for bad germs. It’s true: Bathrooms stalls are breeding grounds for nasty germs that can ruin your health. Sorry, But Lysol is not enough to save you!

Eating Lunch in the Bathroom Stall
Lysol disinfectant.

Reasons Behind Eating Lunch in Bathroom Stalls

When you feel emotional or sad, what place do you frequently retreat to? Most probably the restroom! You might sometimes end up banging on the door behind you and cussing or crying in private. You’ll then talk to your reflection in the mirror on the bathroom wall and finally, feel relaxed.

The bathroom provides a free and private space to comfort ourselves whenever we feel low. And because of that self-care we receive from the bathroom, you may find it a comfortable place to have your lunch. Yes, it offers privacy and comfort, but why risk getting infected with germs?

How to Avoid Eating Lunch in a Bathroom Stall

If you’ve developed this unsanitary habit of eating your lunch in the bathroom stall, here are a few ideas to help you come out of it and live a happier, healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle:

1. You’re Much Worth Loving

You are learning to love yourself. What you love is being yourself. You are so special. There are many things that you are good at! What you think about yourself is amazing. It doesn’t matter how gauche your braces are, how awkward it would be if you could never say the correct thing to the handsome guy you recently met, or how difficult it is to learn how to do your math problems. There is a lot about you that people love.

2. Everything Shall Be Well

It really shall be well! And it really won’t take months. You may think that tough times will last forever, but if you think about it, you realize that they pass shockingly quickly.

3. You Are Teaching Yourself to Save Another Person’s Life

You know how lonely it can feel, and you comprehend what it is like to want to be invited. You’ll learn that you’ll have to invite your crush instead of them one day. You can contract germs by eating lunch in bathroom stalls and passing them to a friend who might get seriously sick. So, please try saving that one life. It will show you’re compassionate.

4. There Is Somebody Who Loves You for Being You

You don’t need to look as pretty and cute as Katie, learn to sing so well just as Veronica, or learn a few flirting tips and become like Becky. Somebody out there will love you so much just the way you look. So don’t worry!

5. You Will Make a Lot of Friends

You may think people around you are not friendly, or they think the worst things about you. But eventually, you will realize they’re lonely too and need to befriend you. You’ll meet people who will help you live your life more comfortably and always give you a hand to lean on when you need them.

6. You’ll Get Used to Loving Others

The more you allow yourself to love other people, the more they’ll start loving you too. Start with identifying things they like.

7. You, Will, Find Something Worth Chasing

You’ll realize that life is more than school, boys, and looks. You’ll experience the passion and be inspired to do what is exciting. When you start listening to what is on the news, you’ll realize there is a whole universe to explore. You’ll learn to love God and to fight for what is right. Your passion will come to you, and if you find it, you’ll have a lot of fun.

8. Math Is Just Overrated

That C you scored in Trigonometry or Algebra doesn’t imply you’re a failure. Keep fighting. You’re smarter and cleaver than you think.

9. You’re Not Alone in This!

Perhaps, there is someone else going through your situation too. Yes! Maybe you haven’t just met, or you don’t know each other yet. Every one becomes lonely sometimes. So, don’t get stressed so much about your situation. It would help if you didn’t eat your lunch in bathroom stalls because you feel lonely.


Why do girls sit for so long in the bathroom stall at lunchtime?

Girls might be isolating themselves purposely when they feel bullied, depressed, lonely, embarrassed, or have a sensory overload.

Is it awkward to eat lunch while sitting alone?

No, it’s not weird at all to eat lunch alone. Take out your mobile phone if it is allowed and scroll down a few sites on the internet or do some small research. You might find something interesting.

Will it be okay if I spend time in the bathroom stall during lunch hours if I got no friends?

No. Don’t spend your lunchtime hour in the bathroom stall even if you don’t have friends in college. Find another place in public and eat your lunch from there. At least you’ll find someone else who feels comfortable eating lunch with you and talking with you. You might even become friends.

Wrapping Up

If you always eat lunch in a bathroom stall, you will never have friends. The bathroom is full of pathogenic bacteria that can easily cause harm to your health. So, you need to take some new moves and start eating lunch in a public place where you’ll quickly start making new friends. Just try it and be amazed!

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