How Many Peppers Are in a Peck?

A peck is a British Imperial Systems and U.S. Customary unit of measurement for volume. Originally, the unit of measurement was used to measure flour. A peck of peppers contains two gallons or an equivalent of eight dry quarts of pepper. The term “peck of peppers” was derived from the Mother Goose nursery rhyme of “Peter Piper.”

Today, a perk is used to weigh foods such as peppers, tomatoes, oysters, and potatoes. It is estimated that there are about 50,000 different kinds of peppers in the world, with varying sizes. So, how many peppers are in a peck? A peck of pepper contains about 30 to 35 pieces of pepper on average. But depending on the type of pepper in question, the number can vary. 

How Many Peppers Are in a Peck?

The number of peppers in a peck varies depending on the specific variety. For example, pickled peppers are softer than bell peppers, which means that a peck will contain more of them. On average, you can find 45-50 pickled peppers in a peck. You could also get 10–12 extra-large peppers in a single peck of pepper.

Here’s a comparison table showing how many peppers are in a peck for various varieties:

Peck measurementNumber of peppers
PeckVaries by size and weight of peppers
1 PeckApproximately 8.81 liters or 537.6 cubic inches
Mini Sweet PeppersApproximately 8-12 peppers per peck
Jalapeño PeppersApproximately 14-16 peppers per peck
Bell PeppersApproximately 8-10 peppers per peck
Habanero PeppersApproximately 18-20 peppers per peck
Banana PeppersApproximately 12-15 peppers per peck
Poblano PeppersApproximately 8-10 peppers per peck
Thai PeppersApproximately 24-30 peppers per peck

Note: The number of peppers in a peck may vary depending on the size and weight of the peppers. The above numbers are approximate estimates.

How The Growth Condition of Pepper Affects Pecks

If, like most people, you wish to get the most flavor out of your peppers, you must ensure that they are grown right. For peppers to be successfully grown, they must meet some of the following requirements:

1. Plant Spacing 

You will need to plant peepers at a spacing of 18 to 24 inches between plants. If you are having difficulties spacing your plants, your pepper plants may grow weak and have weak foliage. The plants will also produce fewer peppers. This will result in more peppers being able to be packed in a single peck.

2. Good Soil pH 

Ideally, the soil should be neutral or in the range of pH 6.5 to 7.8 to allow plants to grow fully; if it is lower or higher than that, it can cause problems.

It impacts the number of peppers that are pecked and the quality of the peppers.

3. Sunlight 

Your plant requires an average of six hours of direct sunlight each day to stay healthy. Light is necessary for the growth of your plants. However, the plants will be at risk of getting sunburned more often as the amount of sunlight that they receive from the sun rises.

The warm weather quickly damages young and weak parts of pepper plants. It could also cause them to become a lot smaller, which would increase the number of peppers that are taken in a peck.

Quantity Of Other Commodities In A Peck 

Peppers and other spicy foods are just part of the many different foods that can be measured in a peck. The following table shows the various foods that can be measured in a peck and what net weight a peck contains.

Commodity Net weight 
Oysters 25
Potatoes 12-15
Tomatoes 12-15
Cucumber 12-13
Beans 8-9
Broccoli 6
Eggplant 8-9
Carrots 12
Okra 6
Turnips 12-15
Asparagus 11
Squash 10
Peas 7-8

Frequently Asked Questions 

How many peppers fit in a peck?

A quarter of a bushel holds around 30-40 peppers in the peck basket, equivalent to 41 cubes or 700 cubic inches. Usually, an entire pepper is about the size of a golf ball, so about 30 to 35 peppers will fit in the peck basket. Pickled peppers are softer, so you could squeeze 45-50 peppers into a peck basket.

How many pecks of peppers did Peter Piper pick?

Peter Piper picked no pickle peppers. First, you need to pick the peppers and then pickle them. If Peter had picked a bunch of peppers to pickle and kept it in the refrigerator, he would have taken about a quarter of a bushel or about two gallons. 

How many pounds are in a peck?

A peck of pepper weighs about 12 – 14 lbs. Plums Bushel could weigh about 50 – 56 lbs.

Wrapping Up

Peppers contain plenty of vitamins and are very useful for your health. You can eat them every day or even every hour. However, you should consume your food in moderation. A peck is just one of the many units that are used to measure various items, such as peppers and other food.

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