17 DIY Summer Decorations That’ll Add a Splash of Color to Your Home

Summer is a time for vibrant colors, fresh energy, and the desire to bring the outdoors in. It’s the perfect season to create a cheerful and inviting atmosphere in your home, and what better way to do that than with DIY decorations? Not only are they fun and affordable, but they also allow you to personalize your space and express your creativity.

Here are 17 easy and inspiring DIY projects that will add a splash of color and summer vibes to your home:

1. Painted Flower Pots:

Plain terracotta pots are a blank canvas waiting to be transformed. Unleash your inner artist and use colorful acrylic paints to create unique designs. You can go for a simple solid color, try geometric patterns, or even use stencils for more intricate details. Don’t be afraid to experiment and let your creativity flow!

These vibrant pots can be used to house your favorite summer flowers, herbs, or even as decorative holders for small plants or succulents. They’ll brighten up any windowsill, patio, or entryway, adding a touch of personality and charm.

2. DIY Wind Chimes:

The gentle tinkling of wind chimes adds a touch of melody and serenity to your space. You can easily create your own wind chimes using recycled materials like seashells, colorful beads, or even old keys. Simply string them together on fishing line or twine and hang them from a branch, porch overhang, or even inside near a window.

Wind chimes are not just visually appealing, but they also have a calming effect. The soft sounds can help you relax and de-stress, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

3. Tie-Dye Throw Pillows:

Tie-dye is a fun and easy way to add pops of color and personality to existing throw pillows. You can use fabric dye and rubber bands to create vibrant swirls, ombre effects, or even geometric patterns. The possibilities are endless!

The best part about tie-dye is that it’s a forgiving process, so even if you’re not a seasoned artist, you can still achieve stunning results. These colorful pillows will instantly add a touch of summer cheer to your living room, bedroom, or any other space in your home.

4. Upcycled Mason Jar Lanterns:

Mason jars are incredibly versatile and can be repurposed into beautiful decorative lanterns. You can paint them in bright summer colors, decorate them with twine, lace, or even fabric scraps, and then add candles or fairy lights inside for a warm and inviting glow.

These lanterns are perfect for creating a cozy ambiance on your patio, porch, or even indoors on a coffee table or bookshelf. They’re also a great way to add a touch of rustic charm to your home decor.

5. DIY Wall Art:

A splash of color on the walls can make a big impact in creating a focal point and setting the mood in your space. Summer is the perfect time to get creative and make your own wall art. You can use watercolors, acrylic paints, or even fabric scraps to create abstract or nature-inspired artwork.

Whether you choose a bold geometric pattern, a vibrant floral design, or a calming seascape, your DIY wall art will add a personal touch and reflect your unique style. You can frame your artwork or simply hang it directly on the wall for a more casual look.

6. Colorful String Lights:

String lights are a versatile and festive way to add a summery touch to your home. They can be used indoors or outdoors, draped over furniture, strung across walls, or even incorporated into centerpieces. The warm glow of string lights instantly creates a magical and inviting atmosphere.

There’s a wide variety of colors and styles available, from classic white to warm yellow, and even multi-colored options. You can choose the ones that best suit your taste and the overall theme of your space.

7. Hand-Painted Coasters:

Handmade coasters are not only practical but also add a decorative touch to your coffee table or dining table. You can use acrylic paints and stencils to create personalized coasters with summer-themed designs like fruits, flowers, or beach motifs.

These coasters are a great way to add a pop of color and protect your furniture from water stains. They also make thoughtful and unique gifts for friends and family.

8. DIY Fruit Garland:

Celebrate the abundance of summer fruits by creating a colorful and fragrant garland. Simply string together slices of oranges, lemons, limes, or any other seasonal fruit you like. You can even add herbs like rosemary or mint for a touch of greenery and a delightful aroma.

Hang your fruit garland across your kitchen window, mantelpiece, or even outdoors on your patio for a festive and natural touch.

9. Painted Seashells:

Seashells are a beautiful reminder of summer days spent by the beach. You can easily transform them into decorative accents by painting them in bright summer colors like turquoise, coral, or yellow. Use acrylic paints and let your creativity flow!

These painted seashells can be displayed in a bowl or vase, scattered on a table, or even glued onto picture frames or mirrors for a coastal-inspired touch.

10. DIY Fabric Bunting:

Bunting flags are a classic way to add a touch of festivity to any space. You can easily create your own using colorful fabrics, scraps, or even bandanas. Simply cut out triangles of fabric and sew them together onto a string or ribbon.

Hang your DIY bunting across your porch, patio, or even indoors in a child’s room or playroom. You can customize the flags with different patterns, colors, and even add fun summer-themed motifs like pineapples or ice cream cones.

11. Decorative Paper Lanterns:

Paper lanterns are a versatile and affordable way to add a touch of whimsy and light to your summer decor. You can find pre-made paper lanterns in various colors and sizes, or get creative and make your own using colorful paper, tissue paper, or even origami techniques.

Hang your paper lanterns indoors or outdoors, creating a magical ambiance for summer evenings. They’re perfect for decorating your patio, porch, or even stringing them up in a tree for a backyard party.

12. Painted Flower Pots with Stencils:

For a more intricate and polished look, try using stencils to decorate your flower pots. You can find stencils with various summer-themed designs like flowers, butterflies, or even geometric patterns. Simply apply the stencil to the pot, use acrylic paint to fill in the design, and voila!

These stenciled flower pots will add a touch of elegance and personalization to your porch, patio, or windowsill. They’re also a great way to create a cohesive look if you’re using multiple pots for different plants.

13. DIY Painted Coasters with Mod Podge:

Mod Podge is a versatile craft adhesive that allows you to transfer images onto various surfaces. You can use it to create unique and personalized coasters with summer-themed photos, magazine clippings, or even fabric scraps.

Simply print or cut out your desired images, apply Mod Podge to the coaster surface, and adhere the image. Once dry, seal the coaster with another layer of Mod Podge for a protective finish.

These DIY coasters are a fun and functional way to add a personal touch to your coffee table or dining table. They also make thoughtful and unique gifts for friends and family.

14. DIY Beach Towel Wreath:

Transform a simple beach towel into a vibrant and eye-catching wreath for your door or wall. Cut the towel into strips of varying widths and lengths, then roll them up tightly and secure them with hot glue to form a circular shape.

You can add further embellishments like seashells, starfish, or even small flowers for a more coastal-inspired look. This beach towel wreath is a fun and welcoming way to greet guests and add a touch of summer cheer to your entryway.

15. DIY Painted Mason Jar Vases:

Mason jars are incredibly versatile and can be easily transformed into colorful vases for summer flowers. Paint them in bright summer colors, add stripes, polka dots, or even geometric patterns. You can even use stencils or masking tape for more intricate designs.

These painted mason jar vases are perfect for holding fresh-cut flowers, wildflowers, or even displaying branches or greenery. They add a touch of rustic charm and summery vibes to your home decor.

16. DIY Painted Furniture with Stencils:

Summer is a great time to refresh your furniture and add a pop of color. Stencils offer an easy way to achieve a polished and personalized look without needing advanced artistic skills. Choose stencils with summer-inspired motifs like flowers, palm trees, or even geometric patterns.

Simply apply the stencil to the desired furniture piece, use acrylic paint to fill in the design, and let it dry. You can paint chairs, tables, sideboards, or even small stools for a vibrant and unique addition to your summer decor.

17. DIY Painted Terracotta Pots with Geometric Patterns:

Terracotta pots are a versatile canvas for creative expression. While solid colors are lovely, consider adding a touch of sophistication with geometric patterns. Use painter’s tape to create clean lines and shapes, then apply acrylic paint in contrasting colors to create a modern and eye-catching design.

These geometrically painted pots are perfect for displaying succulents, cacti, or even small flowering plants. They add a touch of contemporary style to your patio, porch, or even your indoor windowsill.

Additional Tips:

  • Get inspired: Browse online for DIY project ideas, Pinterest boards, and tutorials to find inspiration and discover new techniques.
  • Embrace imperfection: Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with the process. The beauty of DIY projects lies in their unique and personal touch.
  • Repurpose and upcycle: Look around your home for materials you can reuse, like old jars, bottles, or fabric scraps. This is a sustainable and budget-friendly way to create beautiful decorations.
  • Add personal touches: Don’t be afraid to personalize your DIY projects with your favorite colors, patterns, and motifs. This will make them truly unique and reflect your individual style.
  • Share your creations: Share your DIY projects with friends and family, or even post them online to inspire others.

Wrapping Up

Simply follow these tips and get creative and you can easily transform your home into a vibrant and cheerful space that reflects the joy and energy of summer. So grab your supplies, unleash your inner artist, and start creating!