What’s That Pink Soap In Public Bathrooms?

Pink Soap In Public Bathrooms

You’ve probably seen that pink soap in public bathrooms, but what is it really made of? It’s in nearly all public bathroom – office buildings, fast-food restaurants, shopping malls, airports, medical buildings, and schools. The soap is often fluorescent and oozy and has that distinctly sickly sweet, fake floral scent. … Read more

What Does 2.5 Bathrooms Mean?

What Does 2.5 Bathrooms Mean?

If you are buying a home or renting a vacation house, you have probably come across the term “2.5 bathrooms.” But what does 2.5 bathrooms mean? It is often confusing, and some people might think that it means two adult bathrooms and one kids’ bathroom that is as small as … Read more

Does Dollar General Have Bathrooms?

There are bathrooms at Dollar General Stores that are basically available for customers. However, there was an outrage when their female bathroom was under maintenance, and due to security reasons, a lady wasn’t allowed to use the bathroom. So, if you’ve been asking, “does Dollar General have bathrooms?,” the answer … Read more

Navy Boot Camp Bathrooms

Navy Boot Camp Bathrooms

Have you ever been to the navy boot camp bathrooms before? Or are you joining the navy soon and asking yourself endless questions like; is there adequate hot water? How long do soldiers in the navy take to shower, or what time do they go to the bathroom? Well, once … Read more

Why Is There No Outlet in the Bathroom?

NO Outlet in Bathroom?

If there is no outlet in the bathroom, there are many possible reasons and solutions. First things first, there could be no outlet in your bathroom because of some special safety precautions. Your bathroom is a wet surrounded area, and that poses a significant risk for electrocution than in any … Read more

Why Do Spiders Like Bathrooms?

Why Do Spiders Like Bathrooms?

Have you ever asked yourself why do spiders like bathrooms? Perhaps a hundred times. It’s prevalent to find spiders in the bathroom because they love to hide in dark and damp places. Spiders serve a great purpose in our natural universe and even in our homes, but that doesn’t mean … Read more

Is Peeing On Towels Normal For Teens?

Peeing On Towels

Some parents and guardians often get shocked whenever they discover that their teenage sons and daughters have suddenly developed weird behaviors and begin panicking. Well, it’s normal to be shocked if you discover that your lovely, innocent son or daughter has been to no good lately! Some parents ask these … Read more