28 Brilliant Above Bed Decor Ideas

The master bedroom is your sanctuary of relaxation and rest. Feeling snoozed by the same old view above your bed? It’s time to hit refresh! We’ve got 28 genius ideas to transform that blank space into a show-stopping focal point. From gallery walls to cozy textiles, get ready to create a bedroom retreat you’ll love to wake up to (and maybe even show off a bit).

Level Up Your Bedroom: 28 Inspiring Ideas for Above-Bed Decor

Here is a roundup of 28 stunning over the bed décor ideas to transform that empty wall into a sparkling haven:

#1: Gallery Wall Extravaganza: 

Ditch the single-piece approach and create a captivating conversation starter.  Imagine a curated collection of mismatched frames in various sizes and textures – think rustic wood, sleek metal, and maybe even a pop of color. Fill them with travel photography that whisks you away to exotic locales, vintage botanical prints that bring the outdoors in, or a series of abstract watercolors that dance with a mesmerizing energy. This personalized gallery wall becomes a window into your soul and ignites curiosity in anyone who enters your haven.

#2: Macrame Masterpiece: 

Embrace the bohemian spirit with a statement macrame hanging.  Imagine a hand-woven tapestry in a rich, earthy tone like burnt umber or a creamy oatmeal. The intricate knots and geometric patterns add a touch of textural intrigue, while the soft, cascading fringe whispers of relaxation. This hand-crafted beauty is a conversation starter and a testament to the beauty of artisan creations.

#3: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: 

Open up the space and invite an air of sophistication with a strategically placed mirror.  For a dramatic touch, picture a large, antique mirror with a distressed gold frame. Its aged elegance reflects not just your beautiful self but also the soft glow of bedside lamps, creating a warm and inviting ambiance.

#4: Woven Wonders: 

Introduce warmth and texture with a woven wall hanging.  Imagine a handwoven tapestry crafted from chunky wool yarns in a palette of calming neutrals like beige, cream, and light gray. The natural materials and tactile texture add a touch of rustic charm, while the geometric patterns create a subtle visual interest. This organic masterpiece is a feast for the eyes and a soothing presence in your restful retreat.

#5: Sculptural Statement:  

For the artfully bold, consider a sculptural installation.  Imagine a sleek metal mobile suspended from the ceiling above your bed. Its delicate balance and captivating movement create a mesmerizing focal point. As light dances on the polished metal, the sculpture casts a mesmerizing play of shadows on the wall, adding a touch of whimsical elegance to your sanctuary.

#6: Textural Tapestry: 

Indulge your senses with a luxurious woven wall hanging.  Picture a plush tapestry crafted from velvety fabric in a deep, jewel-toned emerald green.  The rich color adds a touch of drama, while the soft texture invites you to reach out and caress its sumptuous surface. This decadent piece is a visual and tactile treat, transforming your bedroom into a luxurious escape.

#7: Lights, Camera, Relaxation! 

Embrace a touch of Hollywood glamour with a marquee light installation.  Imagine a vintage-inspired light box spelling out a personalized message above your bed, like “Sweet Dreams” or your initials.  The warm glow of the bulbs bathes the room in a soft, romantic light, while the playful message adds a touch of whimsy. This unique piece personalizes your space and sets the mood for a restful night’s sleep.

#8: Botanical Bliss:

Channel your inner plant parent with a hanging terrarium. Imagine a geometric glass terrarium suspended from the ceiling above your bed, overflowing with lush greenery.  Delicate ferns unfurl, air plants shimmer with silvery tones, and a tiny succulent adds a touch of whimsy. This living piece of art brings the serenity of nature indoors and purifies the air, creating a tranquil oasis for sleep.

#9: Minimalist Masterpiece:

Embrace clean lines and negative space with a single, oversized piece of modern art.  Picture a large canvas in a soothing palette of pale blue and white, adorned with a single, bold brushstroke in black. The simplicity of the design allows your eyes to rest, while the unexpected splash of color adds a touch of intrigue.  This piece creates a calming yet captivating focal point above your bed.

#10: DIY Dreamcatcher: 

Unleash your inner artist and create a one-of-a-kind dreamcatcher.  Imagine a hand-crafted hoop wrapped in natural twine, adorned with colorful feathers, delicate beads, and woven dream symbols.  This personal expression not only adds a touch of boho charm but also serves as a talisman against nightmares, ensuring a peaceful sleep.

#11: Family Tapestry: 

Cherish your loved ones with a personalized family tapestry.  Picture a woven wall hanging featuring a hand-stitched family tree or a montage of cherished family photos woven into a captivating design. This sentimental piece not only adds a touch of warmth to your space but also serves as a daily reminder of those who matter most.

#12: String Art Constellation: 

Embrace the magic of the night sky with a string art constellation.  Imagine a wooden board painted a deep midnight blue, adorned with delicate white string meticulously following the pattern of your favorite constellation.  Tiny twinkling fairy lights nestled behind the string art create a subtle, starry glow.  This celestial masterpiece adds a touch of whimsy and wonder to your sleep sanctuary.

13: Vintage Window Wonder:

Repurpose a vintage window into a unique headboard accent.  Imagine a beautiful, salvaged window with a distressed white frame, adorned with delicate lace curtains and twinkling fairy lights strung across the panes.  This unexpected piece adds a touch of romantic charm and a hint of mystery to your bedroom haven.

14: Headboard Mural Magic: 

Turn your headboard into a work of art with a stunning hand-painted mural.  Imagine a whimsical landscape painted directly onto your headboard, featuring rolling hills bathed in the golden hues of sunrise or a tranquil seascape with gentle waves lapping at the shore. This immersive artwork transforms your headboard into a portal to a peaceful escape, lulling you into a restful slumber.

#15: Metal Mania:

Embrace industrial chic with a statement metal wall sculpture. Imagine a geometric sculpture crafted from raw, blackened steel, featuring sharp angles and unexpected curves. The bold form creates a dramatic focal point above your bed, while the dark finish adds a touch of sophistication. This piece is perfect for those who love a modern edge with a touch of mystery.

#16: Neon Nostalgia:

Inject a burst of energy with a neon sign. Picture a custom-made neon sign spelling out a motivational quote, your favorite lyric, or simply a playful word like “Dream.” The vibrant glow of the neon illuminates the space with a cool, modern light, while the personalized message adds a touch of whimsy. This eye-catching piece sets the mood and reflects your unique personality.

#17: Woven Words:

Embrace a touch of rustic charm with a woven word art piece. Picture a handwoven tapestry crafted from natural fibers like jute, featuring a single, inspiring word woven into the design. The earthy tones and natural texture create a sense of calm, while the message serves as a daily reminder of your intentions. This unique piece adds a touch of personalized inspiration to your restful retreat.

#18: Plate Display Extravaganza:

Showcase your love for travel or vintage finds with a curated collection of decorative plates. Imagine a cluster of mismatched plates arranged in a creative pattern above your bed. Include vintage finds from flea markets, plates with intricate floral designs, or souvenirs from your travels. This eclectic collection adds a touch of personality and conversation starter to your space.

#19: Book Nook Bliss:

Embrace your love for literature with a floating bookshelf above your bed. Picture a sleek, minimalist shelf mounted directly above your headboard, showcasing your favorite novels, travel guides, or inspiring biographies. This not only adds a touch of intellectual charm but also provides convenient bedtime reading material within arm’s reach.

#20: Feathered Fantasy: 

Create a whimsical and luxurious ambiance with a canopy of feathers. Imagine a soft, sheer canopy suspended from the ceiling above your bed, adorned with cascading white feathers. The ethereal beauty of the feathers adds a touch of romance and luxury, while the sheer fabric creates a feeling of intimacy and seclusion. This unique piece transforms your bed into a feathery haven of relaxation.

#21: DIY Project Power:

Upcycle vintage finds into a one-of-a-kind headboard accent. Imagine a collection of vintage suitcases stacked haphazardly above your bed, adorned with travel stickers and vintage postcards. This unexpected use of everyday objects adds a touch of whimsy and a conversation starter to your space. Plus, it allows you to showcase your unique style and resourcefulness.

#22: Textile Tapestry Trio:

Elevate your bedroom with a set of three textile tapestries arranged in a grid formation. Imagine three handwoven tapestries in complementary colors and textures, like a deep indigo with geometric patterns, a creamy oatmeal with a minimalist design, and a soft blush with delicate floral embroidery. This combination adds visual interest, depth, and a touch of global flair to your sleep haven.

#23: Minimalist Metal Mobiles:

Embrace a sense of serenity with a cluster of minimalist metal mobiles. Picture a collection of three or four delicate metal mobiles suspended from the ceiling at varying heights above your bed. Each mobile could feature geometric shapes like circles, triangles, or teardrops, crafted from brushed nickel or matte black metal. The gentle swaying of the mobiles creates a calming movement, while the minimalist design adds a touch of modern elegance.

#24: Bas Relief Bliss: 

Incorporate a touch of classical art with a bas-relief wall sculpture.  Imagine a rectangular plaster cast depicting a scene from mythology, a floral pattern, or a graceful ballerina. The three-dimensional texture adds depth and visual interest, while the classical theme evokes a sense of timeless beauty. This unique piece adds a touch of sophistication and conversation starter to your bedroom.

#25: Macrame Meets Metal: 

Embrace a modern bohemian fusion with a macrame wall hanging incorporating metallic accents. Picture a hand-woven macrame tapestry in a natural cream color, adorned with interwoven strands of gold or silver thread. This unexpected combination of textures adds an eye-catching detail, while the macrame technique brings a touch of bohemian charm. This unique piece personalizes your space and reflects a love for modern eclectic style.

#26: Fairy Light Fantasy:

Create a magical ambiance with a cascading string light installation. Imagine delicate fairy lights strung across a sheer white fabric panel hung above your bed. The soft glow of the lights creates a calming and romantic atmosphere, while the sheer fabric adds a touch of ethereal beauty. This dreamy piece transforms your bed into a twinkling haven perfect for relaxation.

#27: Vintage Mirror Collage:

Embrace a touch of vintage charm with a collection of mismatched mirrors arranged in a collage. Picture a cluster of vintage mirrors in various shapes and sizes, like a round brass mirror, a rectangular beveled mirror, and a small ornate hand mirror. This eclectic arrangement adds a touch of personality and allows light to bounce around the room, creating a sense of spaciousness.

#28: Botanical Burst: 

Bring the outdoors in with a collection of framed botanical prints. Picture a cluster of three or four framed botanical prints arranged in a gallery-style display. Choose prints featuring lush greenery, vibrant flowers, or exotic succulents. The pops of color and natural imagery create a sense of calm and connection with nature, while the frames add a touch of sophistication. This organic collection personalizes your space and evokes a feeling of tranquility.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, the possibilities for adorning the wall above your bed are as endless as your imagination!  So, unleash your creativity, embrace your personal style, and don’t be afraid to experiment. After all, your bedroom should be a sanctuary that reflects your unique personality and invites restful slumber. Sweet dreams!