17 Small Walk In Closet Ideas to Maximize Your Storage Space

A small walk-in closet holds the promise of a clothing haven, but too often gets crammed and chaotic. With a little creativity and some smart storage solutions, you can transform your tiny closet into a well-organized masterpiece. Here are 17 ideas to maximize your storage space and finally achieve closet zen.

1. Declutter and Edit: Make Space for What Matters

Before diving into storage solutions, a crucial first step is decluttering. Be honest –– how many clothes haven’t seen the light of day in years? Donate unworn items, sell gently used pieces, and pack away out-of-season clothing. This ruthless editing frees up valuable real estate for the clothes you love and wear regularly.

2. Think Vertical: Reach for the Ceiling

Small closets demand taking advantage of every inch, and that includes the vertical space. Here’s where maximizing your wall real estate comes in:

  • Double or Triple Up on Hanging Rods: Don’t limit yourself to a single hanging rod. Install additional rods at different heights to categorize clothes (long dresses on the bottom, shirts up top). Consider double or even triple rods to maximize hanging capacity.
  • Shelves are Your Best Friend: Utilize the space above hanging rods by installing shelves. These are perfect for folded clothes, sweaters, or storage bins.
  • Don’t Forget the Door: Over-the-door shoe racks or organizers are lifesavers in small closets. They keep shoes off the floor and easily accessible.

3. Conquer the Corners: No Space Wasted Here

Corners in small closets are often neglected, but they hold untapped potential! Here’s how to turn those awkward nooks into storage havens:

  • Corner Shelves: Install corner shelves specifically designed to fit snugly into the corner. These are perfect for folded items, handbags, or even decorative baskets.
  • Lazy Susan Organizers: A lazy Susan organizer utilizes the corner space efficiently. This rotating unit allows you to easily access items from all sides, maximizing storage capacity.

4. Compartmentalization is Key: Drawers and Cubbies to the Rescue

Drawers and cubbies are champions of organization, keeping your belongings neatly contained and easily identifiable. Here’s how to put them to work in your small closet:

  • Drawer Power: Utilize drawers for undergarments, socks, scarves, or other frequently used smaller items. This keeps them organized and prevents them from getting lost in the abyss of the closet floor.
  • Cubby Love: Cubbies are perfect for folded sweaters, t-shirts, or even handbags. They provide a designated space for each item, preventing clutter and making outfit planning a breeze.

5. Space-Saving Hangers: Maximize Every Inch on the Rod

Regular hangers can eat up valuable closet space. Consider investing in space-saving alternatives:

  • Slim Velvet Hangers: These take up less space than traditional hangers, allowing you to squeeze more clothes onto the rod.
  • Cascading Hangers: These clever hangers allow you to hang multiple items on a single spot, maximizing hanging space for tanks, camisoles, or scarves.
  • Skirt/Trouser Hangers: These specialized hangers keep your skirts and trousers wrinkle-free while saving space by allowing you to hang multiple items together.

6. Hanging Organizers: Additional Storage without Sacrificing Floor Space

Hanging organizers are a fantastic way to add extra storage without sacrificing precious floor space. Here are some options to consider:

  • Shoe Organizers: Hanging shoe organizers that attach to the back of the closet door are a great way to keep shoes off the floor and easily accessible.
  • Multi-Pocket Hanging Organizers: These versatile organizers offer multiple pockets for scarves, belts, hats, or accessories, keeping them neatly contained and easy to find.

7. Bins and Baskets: Stylish Storage Solutions

Bins and baskets are not just for looks –– they can be incredibly functional storage solutions in a small walk-in closet:

  • Decorative Baskets: Baskets are perfect for out-of-season clothes, bulky sweaters, or extra blankets. Choose decorative options to add a touch of style to your closet.
  • Clear Bins: For easy identification of stored items, clear bins are a great choice. Use them for shoes, accessories, or anything else you want to keep readily accessible.
  • Fabric Bins: Fabric bins offer a softer look and additional texture to your closet. They’re perfect for storing delicate items or anything you don’t need immediate access to.

8. Utilize the Back of the Door: A Hidden Storage Gem

The back of your closet door is prime real estate waiting to be utilized. Here are some clever storage solutions:

  • Hanging Ironing Board: A wall-mounted ironing board that folds flat against the back of the door saves precious floor space and keeps your ironing tool readily accessible.
  • Hooks for Frequently Used Items: Install sturdy hooks on the back of the door to hang robes, belts, scarves, or even purses you use regularly.
  • Shoe Pockets Over the Door: Shoe pockets specifically designed to fit over the back of the door offer additional storage for shoes, hats, or other frequently used items.

9. Under-Shelf Storage: Don’t Waste Precious Space

The space beneath hanging rods often goes neglected. Here’s how to turn it into valuable storage:

  • Shoe Stackers: Stackable shoe organizers fit perfectly under hanging rods, maximizing space and keeping your shoes neatly organized.
  • Under-Shelf Baskets: Slide shallow baskets under shelves to store socks, undergarments, or other small items that might otherwise get lost in drawers.
  • DIY Shoe Cubbies: Consider a DIY project to create custom cubbies under hanging rods specifically sized for your shoes.

10. Vacuum Bags for Out-of-Season Bulky Items

Bulky out-of-season items like winter coats or comforters can eat up valuable closet space. Here’s a clever solution:

  • Vacuum Seal Storage Bags: Invest in vacuum seal storage bags to compress bulky items. This significantly reduces their size, allowing you to store them neatly on shelves or under the bed.

11. Double Duty Furniture: Maximize Function

Small spaces require furniture that works double-time. Here are some ideas:

  • Ottomans with Storage: Ottomans with built-in storage compartments provide a place to sit and put on shoes while offering additional storage for blankets, scarves, or other items.
  • Hanging Garment Racks: A free-standing hanging garment rack can be a great option for storing out-of-season clothes or frequently used items you want to keep readily accessible.

12. Color Coordination and Labeling: Create a Calming Effect

Organization doesn’t just mean maximizing space; it’s also about creating a visually pleasing environment. Here are some tips:

  • Color Coordinate Your Clothes: Grouping clothes by color creates a sense of order and makes it easier to find what you’re looking for.
  • Label Shelves and Bins: Clearly label shelves and bins to make it easy to identify what’s stored inside and avoid rummaging through everything.

13. Embrace Multifunctional Hangers:

While we discussed space-saving hangers earlier, there are even more options to maximize functionality:

  • Clip Hangers: Clip hangers allow you to hang multiple items together, like scarves or tank tops, saving space and keeping them organized.
  • Pant Hangers with Clips: These hangers combine a space-saving design with clips for additional accessories like belts or ties.

14. Utilize Wall Space Behind the Door:

Don’t let the wall behind your closet door go to waste! Here are some creative storage solutions:

  • Wall-Mounted Shoe Rack: Install a slim wall-mounted shoe rack behind the door. This keeps shoes off the floor and frees up valuable space within the closet itself.
  • Jewelry Organizer: A hanging jewelry organizer with clear pockets can be mounted behind the door, keeping your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings neatly displayed and accessible.
  • Hanging Valet Rod: A retractable valet rod mounted behind the door provides a designated spot for hanging frequently worn items like suits, dresses, or work clothes, keeping them wrinkle-free and ready to wear.

15. Think Outside the Box (or Bin): Maximize Unused Corners

While corner shelves are a great option, here are some alternative solutions for maximizing those awkward corners:

  • Hanging Corner Hamper: A hanging corner hamper utilizes wasted space while keeping dirty laundry neatly contained and off the floor.
  • Tiered Corner Organizer: A multi-tiered corner organizer with shelves or baskets provides additional storage for folded items, accessories, or even cleaning supplies.

16. Make Use of Ceiling Height: Expand Your Storage Vertically

If your closet boasts high ceilings, don’t let that valuable space go unused:

  • Install Ceiling-Mounted Clothing Racks: Consider installing a clothing rack that suspends from the ceiling, maximizing vertical space for hanging seasonal or less frequently used items.
  • Utilize Overhead Storage Bins: Overhead storage bins that attach to the ceiling are perfect for storing out-of-season clothes, extra bedding, or bulky items you don’t need regular access to.

17. Embrace Foldable Furniture: Maximize Space and Maintain Flexibility

Folding furniture offers a space-saving solution for small closets:

  • Folding Step Stool: A sturdy folding step stool allows you to reach high shelves without taking up permanent floor space.
  • Folding Ironing Board: As mentioned earlier, a wall-mounted folding ironing board is a space-saving alternative to a traditional ironing board.

Conclusion: Your Small Closet Oasis Awaits

Try implementing these creative ideas to transform your small walk-in closet into a well-organized haven. Remember, the key is to maximize space and prioritize the items you use most frequently. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different storage solutions and find a system that works best for your wardrobe and lifestyle. With a little effort, your small closet can become a source of joy, not frustration, allowing you to get dressed with ease and express your unique style.

Here are some bonus tips for creating a small closet oasis:

  • Lighting is Key: Good lighting is essential for seeing all your belongings clearly. Consider installing additional lighting fixtures or using bright LED light bulbs.
  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: A strategically placed mirror can make your small closet feel more spacious and allow you to try on outfits without leaving the space.
  • A Touch of Fragrance: Place potpourri sachets or scented drawer liners to keep your closet smelling fresh and inviting.
  • Maintaining the Oasis: Schedule regular decluttering sessions to prevent clutter from creeping back in.

With these tips and the storage solutions outlined above, you can create a small walk-in closet that is both functional and stylish. So go forth, unleash your inner organizer, and transform your tiny closet into a space you’ll love!