Hoshizaki Ice Machine Water Keeps Running: Troubleshooting and Solutions

Allow me to whisk you away on a frosty journey—an exploration of the wondrous world of Hoshizaki ice machines. These marvels of engineering are the backbone of numerous cafes, restaurants, and bars, unfailingly providing the essential ingredient for the most refreshing beverages—a generous helping of ice. Picture this: the whirr of the ice machine in the background, a clink of glasses, and the joyous laughter of patrons. But as any tale goes, even the most enchanting narrative encounters its share of twists and turns. Our story takes an unexpected detour with the relentless flow of water within these ice-crafting titans. This article highlights troubleshooting tips for Hoshizaki ice machine’s water that keeps running.

Common Reasons for Water Continuously Running

Here are some common reasons water keeps running in your Hoshizaki ice machine:

The Elusive Water Inlet Valve

In the heart of every Hoshizaki ice machine resides the water inlet valve—an unsung hero tasked with the delicate duty of regulating the flow of water into the ice-making chamber. It’s a role often taken for granted, until the day it falters and disrupts the equilibrium. I fondly remember the first time I encountered the constant trickle of water—a phenomenon synonymous with a faulty water inlet valve. Imagine, a machine that never rests, a ceaseless cascade of water that threatens to engulf the ice production process!

To combat this aquatic anomaly, I first diagnosed the misbehaving valve. Armed with a wrench, a multimeter, and a newfound fascination for the mechanics of ice production, I went into the heart of the machine. There, nestled amid a network of pipes and connections, I uncovered the secrets of the water inlet valve. With each twist of the wrench and every measurement, I gained insight into its inner workings. Ultimately, my persistence paid off, as I was able to discern whether the valve was the culprit behind the perpetual water flow.

The Unyielding Float Switch

As our journey continued, I found myself immersed in the delicate dance of the float switch—a sensor designed to ensure that water levels remain in perfect harmony. Yet, like any dancer, the float switch can occasionally stumble and become stuck, leading to a watery predicament. It was a revelation that struck me like a bolt of lightning—the stuck float switch was responsible for the never-ending water symphony!

Summoning my inner tinkerer, armed with a flashlight and an unyielding spirit, I journeyed into the depths of the machine. There, in the midst of components and wires, I met the float switch face to face. With gentle hands and a touch of determination, I coaxed the float switch back into its intended rhythm. The triumphant moment when water flow was restored—a victorious return to the status quo—was a testament to the power of understanding the intricacies of the machine.

Issues with Water Level Control

Water level adjustment—an art form that determines the equilibrium between water and ice production. This balance, delicate as a tightrope walk, ensures that the machine operates at its peak efficiency. However, a misstep in water level adjustment can lead to a cascade of troubles, including the relentless flow of water.

Armed with a wrench and a newfound sense of responsibility, I did water level adjustment. With the machine’s manual as my guide, I navigated the intricacies of adjusting water levels. It was a revelation to witness the profound impact of a slight tweak, transforming the machine’s rhythm from chaos to symphony. I marveled at the newfound harmony—the dance of water and ice—and reveled in the knowledge that a small adjustment could restore the machine’s equilibrium.

The Specter of Scale Buildup

Ah, scale buildup—an arch-nemesis that lurks within the water trough, ready to wreak havoc on our ice-making haven. The accumulation of mineral deposits over time can clog pipes, disrupt water flow, and lead to an unceasing water saga. Armed with vinegar, elbow grease, and a commitment to cleanliness, I waged war against this formidable adversary.

Descending into the water trough armed with a scrub brush and determination, I faced the specter of scale buildup head-on. With meticulous scrubbing and repeated rinsing, I gradually chipped away at the stubborn deposits, revealing the pristine surface underneath. It was a labor of love—one that taught me the importance of regular maintenance and the satisfaction of conquering a relentless foe.

Malfunctioning Control Board

The control board—a virtual conductor that orchestrates the symphony of the ice machine’s components. When functioning harmoniously, it ensures that each piece plays its part seamlessly. Yet, even the most adept conductor can falter, and a malfunctioning control board can lead to the cacophony of water flow that defies reason.

Armed with a multimeter and a thirst for knowledge, I delved into the inner workings of the control board. Each connection, each circuit, became a piece of a complex puzzle to be unraveled. With each measurement, I gained insight into the board’s health and pinpointed the source of the issue. The moment of triumph—the identification of the malfunctioning component—was akin to deciphering a cryptic code.

Troubleshooting Control Board Issues

Troubleshooting a control board is a delicate dance between logic and intuition. Armed with a checklist of potential issues and a willingness to explore every avenue, I commenced systematic process of elimination. Yet, in moments of frustration, I learned to embrace the wisdom of seeking professional assistance. After all, an issue beyond our expertise is an opportunity to learn from those who have dedicated their lives to understanding the complexities of these machines.

External Factors and Maintenance

The water supply—an unpredictable force that can hold our ice dreams hostage. Fluctuating water pressure, impurities, and unforeseen disruptions can all contribute to the endless water saga. With a newfound appreciation for consistency, I delved into the nuances of maintaining a steady water supply. Armed with knowledge and a sense of responsibility, I ensured that the ice machine’s harmony remained undisturbed.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Dirt, debris, and mold—the unwelcome visitors that can infiltrate our icy sanctuary. These uninvited guests can lead to inefficiency, breakdowns, and—yes—the persistent flow of water. With a renewed sense of purpose, armed with brushes, cleaners, and a commitment to routine, I went into cleaning and maintenance.

From the condenser coils to the filters, every inch of the machine received my undivided attention. Armed with a schedule and a determination to ward off potential problems, I tackled each cleaning task with precision. The machine’s transformation, from a dusty relic to a gleaming marvel, was a testament to the power of proactive maintenance.

Contacting Professional Help

In troubleshooting, there are times when our efforts hit a dead end. The symphony of the machine remains elusive, and the water continues to flow unabated. In these moments, the call for professional intervention rings loud and clear. Certified technicians, armed with knowledge and experience, hold the key to unraveling even the most complex ice machine enigmas.

The Embrace of Warranty and Maintenance Contracts

Hoshizaki’s safety nets—warranties and maintenance contracts—are a beacon of reassurance in times of uncertainty. These shields protect us from unexpected twists in our icy tale, offering the comfort of professional support when needed most. With the backing of a reputable company and certified professionals, we can navigate the challenges of ice machine ownership with confidence.


As our epic saga draws to a close, let us reflect on the odyssey of troubleshooting and solutions that we’ve suggested. The water that once flowed ceaselessly has now become an integral part of the grand ice-making symphony. Through twists and turns, challenges and victories, I’ve journeyed from being a casual observer to an empowered troubleshooter.

In the spirit of camaraderie, I encourage you, fellow ice enthusiasts, to take these lessons to heart. Embrace the art of regular maintenance, nurture your DIY spirit, and have the wisdom to seek professional help when needed. Let this article serve as a guiding light for those who find themselves in the midst of an ice machine conundrum. As you share these insights with others who might be facing similar trials, remember that the ice machine may be a mechanical creation, but the satisfaction of mastering its intricacies is nothing short of magical.

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