Can Goats Eat Honeydew Melon? Sweet Treat or Stomach Ache?

Can Goats Eat Honeydew Melon

Goat owners often find themselves with leftover fruits and vegetables, wondering if these scraps can be incorporated into their caprine companions’ diet.  Honeydew melon, with its refreshing sweetness and high water content, might seem like a tempting treat for your goats. But can goats actually eat honeydew melon, and if … Read more

Can Goats Eat Basil? A Fragrant Friend or Foe?

Can Goats Eat Basil

Basil, the fragrant herb known for its culinary uses, might pique your curiosity as a goat owner. Can these curious creatures enjoy the taste of basil alongside their usual hay and browse? The answer is a bit more nuanced than a simple yes or no.  While basil isn’t inherently toxic … Read more