Why Is the Toilet Always Next to The Shower?

Toilets are usually located next to the shower because they are very private and need a good deal of plumbing to function properly. It would be a nice idea to have a room used only for bathing and another set aside for urinating and pooping. Unfortunately, most folks in many societies could not afford separate rooms for these two functions. So, if you’ve been wondering why the toilet is always next to the shower, this guide seeks to address your concerns. Read on!

Is Having Your Toilet Next to The Shower a Better Option?

It depends on your unique needs and budget. It is more economical to install plumbing as soon as you can when there are fewer complexities and changes. However, some people prefer to have their toilet in a room completely separate from the rest of the house, if space and budget allow it.

It is cheaper to install the shower next to the toilet, especially for first-time house owners and large companies constructing large apartments and hotels. However, even if you design a bathroom just right for you, it is often better to have a different room for your toilet.

Many builders recommend that the toilet face a door or a wall. It allows room for people to enter the bathroom easily. This layout provides you with enough space in front of the toilet for you to use the washroom comfortably. Ideally, the clearance should be no more than 30 inches.

Why Is the Toilet Always Next to The Shower?
Bathroom layout options

Building codes require that showers be 36 x 36 inches and that the space around the shower should be 15 inches wide in all directions. Because of this specification, many homeowners prefer to place their toilets on opposite sides of their shower so that there will be room to add a sink and maybe a bathtub.

You’ll also need adequate room to place all sorts of utility devices where you like. Many options are available, but the budget dictates what can be achieved. Many homeowners decide to place the toilet next to their shower in order not to spend dispensable money building their dream bathroom and have a highly efficient bathroom.

3 Best Bathroom Layout Options That Features a Toilet Next to The Shower

There are many different ways toilets and showers can be combined and conveniently placed next to each other. Here are some of the most popular layouts most homeowners prefer to have in their bathrooms.

1. Slide-It-Out Bathroom Layout

This type of layout offers more bathing space. Here, you install your toilet sink at the left just after the entrance of your bathroom. Then, a closet gets installed on the right side of the bathroom, with the shower, bath, and toilet placed at the far end of your room.

Why Is the Toilet Always Next to The Shower?
Slide-it-out bathroom layout

It provides more bathing room. This layout bathroom design starts with the sink on the left and closet space on the right, with the bath, shower, and toilet at the end of the room. Your shower and toilet are coupled and placed together in the same space. The bath is on the right. It’s a medium-sized bathroom with measurements of about 101ft square.

2. Small And Simple Bathroom Layout

The small and simplest layout of the bathroom has its door swing open towards the right side, and all the necessary utilities are placed in a single row on the left side of the room.

Why Is the Toilet Always Next to The Shower?
Small and simple bathroom layout

Placing your toilet sink on the left side just at the door entrance and going down to the tub and shower (also connected with a showerhead) will save you money and time because the plumbing is located on one wall.

3. The Back-To-Back Layout

In this type of bathroom layout design, a wall divides two sinks on the left side and leaves space for utilities on the right side of the wall. Toilets are located on the bottom right side of the bathroom in a separate room, but they are still coupled to your shower and bathtub.

Why Is the Toilet Always Next to The Shower?
Back-to-back layout

With two windows at the sides, this bathroom is about 156 square feet and is quite well lit. People must be aware that although some bathrooms have the shower next to each other, it’s not considered a perfect practice but rather a cost-effective solution.


Where should I place my toilet in the restroom?

You must pay attention while arranging the toilet unit in the bathroom. Consider placing your toilet bowl in the west or northwest direction since this helps to eliminate toxins and waste from your body.

What is the required minimum distance of my toilet from the shower?

Most house building and plumbing codes require that all bathrooms have a minimum clearance of 21 inches in front of your toilet. It applies to every fixture you want to install in your bathroom, including the shower, the vanity, the sink, and the bathtub.

Can I place my toilet next to a door?

When planning to construct your toilet, abide by NKBA standards which recommend a space of approximately 36 x 66inches and a doorway space of 32 inches. The minimum area to install a toilet would be 30 inches by 60 inches, leaving only a space of 15 on each side.

Final Thoughts

Coupled showers and toilets will certainly reduce the cost of supplies and labor, which is ideal for small bathrooms. But larger bathrooms are often designed so that the space is always comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. As a result, showers and toilets may be on different sides of the room. So, what is the best bathroom layout? It depends mostly on your unique needs and budget.

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