When Is IKEA Kitchen Sale 2022?

Approximately four times every year, IKEA opens sales on their appliances, drawers, kitchen cabinets, and more. But when is Ikea Kitchen Sale 2022? Or did you miss that IKEA sale deadline, and you think you’re completely out of luck? Don’t worry! It’s not guaranteed that IKEA kitchens will have a full sale. But, there are a few ways to cheat the deadlines.

Here are a couple of ways you can get more great deals.

Option #1: Shop Before the IKEA Kitchen Sale 2022

IKEA loves seeing customers get the kitchens they want and save even more cash! But they get a lot of design requests when they have sales that they don’t have time to complete prior to the sale deadline. Start working with IKEA kitchen designers as soon as the next big sale is announced. Then plan your kitchen for the best possible price. You’ll be ready to go shopping when the sale is finally announced.

Important tip: Not all IKEA depots handle refunds the same way; some stores give you the original payment back while others give you store credit instead. Check in advance to see how your store will refund you.

How to Use Your 20%: Even if you are given cash or store credit from your local IKEA depot, consider spending the money at IKEA. Most customers also invest another 20% in the final touches for their kitchen decors.

 IKEA Clients Either Spend On:

  • Appliances upgrades such as counter-depth refrigerators or integrated dishwashers.
  • More kitchen organizers such as rail systems or drawer dividers.

Option #2: Missed to Catch IKEA Sale Deadline? Do Your Shopping Later

Maybe you don’t want to spend all that money now and expect to get a refund a few years later. And if you’re reading this right now, it may be that it’s already vending time! It is the perfect option for you, like many people who missed the deadline. You may extend the sale for another 30 days by buying IKEA’s measurement service*. The fee starts from $49. The good thing is that after you buy your IKEA kitchen, you’ll get a full refund for the service fee. IKEA knows that once you get your kitchen appliance or item, you’ll require some time to establish the right kitchen décor in which it will be placed.

Another important tip: You should be open with the sales associate about why you’re buying the measurement service: you need to extend the sale. That way, they’ll estimate the best available prices for each product you want.

When Is IKEA Kitchen Sale 2022?
Get IKEA’s best deals.

Become Part of the Ikea Membership Program

You can choose which plan you want to purchase, but you need to be an IKEA Family member first. Obtaining an IKEA Family membership is a breeze- and free! It also comes with a handful of other benefits, like exclusive deals, free tea, coffee, et cetera! You can become an IKEA Family member by visiting the website. IKEA Family member discounts work only in-store. Just like all the other ways you can extend the IKEA sale! We don’t recommend doing your IKEA shopping online because the information available on the store websites might often be inaccurate due to frequent updates.

Which Option Suits You Well?

Here is a comparison table to assist you in deciding which one is right for you.

 Shopping Before IKEA sales OpenShopping After IKEAS Sales Close
Upfront cost ( refundable)20 % of the total price$49+ for customers eligible for measurement service
IKEA family membership
Brief shopping lines
Optimum customer care time by IKEA associate
Availability of supplies Optimal Challenging to find

How To Purchase Everything the First Time You Visit the Store

When buying an IKEA kitchen, nobody wants to make several trips to the store! We think this is why most customers buy their IKEA kitchens online. IKEA kitchen clients have to go back to the depot if they mistakenly forgot to pick up an item they may need later. Otherwise, their entire kitchen will not work properly. However, IKEA customers frequently forget important things because of their Home Planner! Your Home Planner won’t make a detailed shopping list, although it claims to do so! The shopping list you create will never be complete. So, confirming with your Home Planner about the items on the shopping list is better before going to the IKEA store.


How delayed are IKEA cabinets?

IKEA is working intensely with its suppliers to restock various products. Your orders are vital, and IKEA staff are working on them as soon as they can. It’s critical to remember that delivery can take long – like 5  weeks long — or more, depending on what item you’ve bought.

IKEA kitchen Vs. Custom cabinets: What’s the difference?

It seems obvious that the most significant difference between IKEA and Custom cabinets is the price. If you bought a kitchen from Ikea and made it custom, you could spend 3 times as much. But you’ll get every service you want.

Are IKEA drawer fronts and cabinet doors solid wood?

IKEA currently only makes 4 types of cabinet doors made from real wood: FILIPSTAD, LAXARBY, EKESTAT, and BJORKET. It is possible to get cabinet doors from Ikea made of solid wood, with a wood veneer mounted on a particle board to cover the whole door.

Wrap Up

If you’ve reached the end of this article, then we hope you’ve dismissed your worries. If you aren’t sure when the IKEA sale 2022 will open, don’t hesitate to choose between the outlined options above. It will save you a great deal! However, Before going to the IKEA shops, always ensure that your shopping list covers all items you need starting from filter panels and toe-kicks to knobs.

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