Should I Put My Computer Desk In Bedroom Or Living Room?

Since the Covid 19 Pandemic, most professionals in different industries have embraced the idea of working remotely from the comfort of their homes. Unfortunately, most homes were not initially designed to accommodate home office spaces. Therefore, working from home might be uncomfortable for some people. But, since the effects of the pandemic have prevailed for a long time and some companies have realized the benefits of working remotely, like cutting down on overhead office costs, the work-from-home culture has become more permanent. This has led many people to figure out the best location for setting up their computer desks at home. So, should someone put a computer desk in the bedroom or living room? This article discusses the living room and bedroom options to help you decide the best place for your computer desk in your home office.

Where is the Best Place to Put a Desk in the House?

It is crucial to have a good workspace when you are working at home. Your home workspace ought to be convenient enough to allow you to focus better. You must have a desk in your house that is designated as a work area. Whether it’s a small desk in a corner in your home or a custom desk in a room of your house, you’ll want to decide which room in your home suits your working situation. 

Here are some essential factors to consider when choosing the perfect place to set up your home computer desk:

1. The Available Space

You need to know the available space in your bedroom or living room for placing an office desk. If you already have a desk in your living room, decide which corner is suitable for it. Because living rooms are generally larger than bedrooms, finding a small corner or a niche where you can put your small desk is not that challenging. 

You may have less space in your bedroom because it is smaller and you already have clothes and accessories. Hence, you need to think about it thoroughly before considering the bedroom a viable option. Moreover, you don’t want to feel so cluttered that it’s difficult to relax comfortably and freely when it’s time to sleep.

2. The View

You are sitting at your new home office computer desk and working hard at your job. But, have you thought about your view from the home office computer desk? If you sit at your desk, do you look into the room or against a wall? What is in the room next to your home office computer desk? If you have a long, spacious living room, will there be a good closet where you can store any of your other office accessories? What makes you more productive at work? And what will enable you to do your best work? So, answering all these questions correctly will help you choose the best location to set up your home office computer desk, whether in the living room or bedroom. 

After all, you will be spending most of your time there. Also, the space available in your room is very important. There will be more space in the living room, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work from the comfort of your bedroom. It depends on your bedroom size. If you can comfortably breathe while you work in your home office and have enough space to work contentedly and effectively, why not explore that option.

3. The Desk Size

If you have a small home office desk or are planning to buy one soon, what size will it be? You need to think carefully about where you will put your home office computer desk, and whether it will fit in the room or space you have—for example, the living room or the bedroom. 

When you consider the space in your house, also consider if you have enough storage space for your office supplies. You need storage for your books, files, and other office essentials. Look into other accessories and furniture pieces that you need in your home office. Think about the computer equipment you’ll need for your job, too. Will you need to put a printer or second monitor in home your office? If so, you’ll need to create sufficient space for those items.

4. Frequency of Working from Home

When deciding whether to put your computer desk in your bedroom or in your living room, think about how many hours you will spend working from home each day. If you plan to work from home temporarily, you won’t need much space. You can manage with a small corner in your living room or bedroom. 

But, if you plan to work in your home office every day, you want to give it more thought because you’ll need more space. Obviously, you do not want to sit and work in a cramped space every day.

5. Will You be Welcoming Clients or Visitors?

When you are thinking about placing your computer desk in the bedroom, this is one of the most important factors to consider. You should consider whether you want to welcome visitors, coworkers, or even clients into your bedroom. Even if it is very rare, think about whether this would cause you to feel uncomfortable. 

If that is the case, you certainly don’t want to put your home office in your private space, such as a bedroom. And if you work from home most of the days of the week, you will need more space to even make work-related video calls. Doing that is a very effective way to virtually welcome all your clients and coworkers to your home office without having them peep into your private rooms. All you’ll need is a creative professional background. Therefore, they shouldn’t see your bed or the place where you keep your clothes when you are video conferencing.

You can use video conference tools that allow you to pick a background that will reflect the room you are in and give the person an excellent background that will resemble what you see in formal offices. But the quality depends mainly on what you choose as your background. If it is really close to your back or if it has different colors, it can distort the virtual background and show a lot of what’s behind you. 

Unfortunately, some cheap video conference solutions cannot even choose a background. Many video conference tools don’t even allow you to change it at all. So, it would be best if you also thought about that investment. Remember, how you present yourself before your potential customers or new clients matters greatly in business, whether physically or virtually.

6. Do You Have Children? 

Will you need to supervise your kids while you try to focus on your work? It’s obvious that you need to have your kids near you, especially if they’re young. If you plan to have children around while you are working from home, you need to consider placing your desk in the living room. It’s the perfect place where your children will be able to play and sleep and where you can work comfortably. If your living room is the bigger room, you should consider it for your home office. 

Is it OK to Have a Desk in the bedroom?

You can’t ignore the fact that working from a work desk in the bedroom gives you a high level of privacy. If you want to be in the comfort of your bed while working, it would be convenient to place your office desk there. 

Place your work desk in your bedroom if you want to have complete privacy and be away from noisy kids, pets, and other occupants in your home. Many people prefer to work in a quiet and private place whenever they can. This is mainly because many friends will be coming to your home.

And no matter how big your house is, you want to save space for many things. So, you can save space by placing your work desk in the bedroom. 

Desk in the bedroom
Desk in the bedroom

Disadvantages of Putting a Desk in Your Bedroom 

If you work from home, you will know the consequences of having your office desk in your bedroom. There are numerous reasons why you should not place your work desk in the bedroom. 

For example, putting an office desk in the bedroom can cause you to be less productive. In some people’s homes, the bedroom is believed to be the only place where they can rest and relax. If you put your office desk in the bedroom, you will likely feel sleepy and unable to work effectively.

Placing an office desk in the bedroom may also disrupt your sleep pattern. You’ll find it difficult to sleep soundly at night. You’ll experience this problem, especially if your work routine is very hectic.

Additionally, placing your computer desk in the bedroom disregards professionalism. If you have a bed in the same room where you work, you are putting yourself at risk of many things, especially if you welcome clients or colleagues into your home office.

Should You Put a Desk in the Living Room?

A living room is usually the largest room in any home. So, it might be the best location for setting up your home office. Some of the advantages of using your living room for that purpose include:

  • The living room offers you several location options to choose from. You’re not limited when deciding the best corner to set up the office desk.
  • It’s much easier to be professional if you place your office desk in the living room as compared to using the bedroom. You won’t be tempted to start working while in your pajamas.
  • Working from the living room won’t disrupt your sleeping patterns as you won’t be sleeping anytime you feel like it, even during the time you’ve set aside as your work hours. Ultimately, that will help you develop more disciplined work culture.
  • You’ll be more productive working from the living room because it doesn’t have a bed that might tempt you to get lazy. You’ll work more hours than you would if you were working from the bedroom.
Desk in the Living Room
Desk in the Living Room

Disadvantages of Putting a Desk in the Living Room

The living room is not as private as the bedroom. There is a likelihood that visitors or children and pets will keep distracting you as you work. Besides, placing your office desk in the living room will interfere with the room’s interior décor. The arrangement of your couches and tables may look weird if you add an office desk into the room without putting up a wall divider.

Final Verdict

So, whether you should put a computer desk in the living room or bedroom hugely depends on your personal preferences. But it’s easy to conclude that opting for the living room is a better option as compared to the bedroom when considering the above factors. On the flip side, a living room should have ample space for relaxing with family and friends, especially after a long day at work or during your free time. So, the idea of seeing the office desk every time you check into the living room might not be that appealing as it reminds you of your work responsibilities. 

If that is the case, putting up a room divider or clearing your home computer desk thoroughly after work may help. Alternatively, you should consider putting your office desk in the bedroom if you have a big enough bedroom. Ultimately, you should carefully consider both locations’ pros and cons and weigh your options to make an informed decision.

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