Is Re-bath Expensive?

If your bathroom is too old or outdated, you may be thinking of a quick fix. Having to fix your bathroom always isn’t a cost-effective solution, and you may end up throwing away your cash endlessly. If your bathroom is outdated, consider doing a full remodel to add more value to your home. A re-bath will have all the mildew and mold removed from your bathroom. Trust me, after two weeks, expect to see an exquisite bathroom! But is Re-bath expensive? Read on to understand these and more!

The Cost of Remodeling a 5×7 Inch Bathroom

The price (labor +materials) for a complete re-bath costs around $5,000 when done by a professional bath fitter or bathroom remodeler who can install a custom bath stall, tub, and shower surrounds. It will cost between $5,000 to $ 15,000 for a shower & tub and between $5,000 to $25,000 for a complete bath remodel.

Re-bath is a business firm that promises to put a new look on your bathroom by replacing the tub and the shower and adding tiles to the walls. The company will give you an estimate to put a covering over your old ruined tub. It is like putting a cap on a rotten tooth!

If you’re looking for a full remodel, re-bath offers you many options, from bathroom lighting to countertops to cabinets, bathroom walls, and every aspect you want your bathroom to get remodeled.

Does Re-Bath Offer Free In-Home Consultation?

Yes, Re-bath provides homeowners with a free in-home consultation. In addition, Re-bath allows clients who aren’t certain whether they may afford a full bathroom remodel to obtain an absolved quote. Regardless of Re-bath being a universal company, it runs via local franchising. Pricing for Re-bath isn’t available online.

Is Re-bath Expensive?
Complete Re-bath

6 Cons For Re-Bath

  • Re-bath isn’t cheap! Probably, it’s the most costly recycled plastic bathroom remodeler!
  • As the adhesives wear out over time, they may cause your bathroom walls to become loose.
  • It’s hard to detect any rotted flooring and wall studs, yet they may still be covered.
  • A Re-bath installation can easily be spotted from a distance.
  • Mildew and mold may get trapped. These may continue growing inside the bathroom floors and walls.
  • Shower and tub bases may become smaller as a result of capping.

Besides these downsides, many people still love Re-bath as it provides instant gratification. However, most customers don’t know the downfalls. Below is a picture showing a bathroom that has undergone Re-bath installation.

Is Re-bath Expensive?

Apart from appearance, here is what is difficult to see:

  • The ceramic tile seems to have a sleek surface. Sadly, even the best quality adhesive wears out over time. The walls may pop off over time.
  • A 3-hand diverter was replaced by a one-hand diverter. That’s okay. However, the only distinction is that it ought to have been moved upward to at least one foot. While water splashes on your body, it can get transferred to the diverter at its lower height and finally pass to your wall forming mildew and molds over time.
  • That new drain got installed with a little plastic box that would allow you to easily open the drain when you want to use the tub. Your trip lever on your bathtub has been discontinued, and if you wish to take a bath, you’ll have to push down the pipe to access the water. The only issue is that your old sewer line contained a strainer cover that caught hair and other debris that would normally go down your drain. Now that you’ve got an open drain, you might have some major plumbing problems down the road.
  • Notice you’ve lost any soap dish or shelving. However, Re-bath might equip you with a built-in shelf that’s a little inexpensive.
  • The rest of the bathroom looks outdated and old. Therefore, it requires you to upgrade the entire bathroom.

Now let’s look at another Re-bath installation.

Is Re-bath Expensive?
Before and after Re-bath

It makes you think that the mildew, bacteria, and mold still lives under the new tub. Don’t get fooled. The remodel is nothing but a cover-up.

Advantages of Doing a Full Washroom Remodel

  • It’s an opportunity to rule out any uncovered problems.
  • You get freshly painted bathroom walls.
  • The plumbing valves inside your walls are replaced.
  • It removes all mildew and mold content down found under the studs.
  • There is an electrical update. Also, they can install extra lighting in your bathroom.
  • Installation of new fiberglass insulation that is adjusted to current R-values.
  • It serves as a chance to add new recessed vanity or wall shelves in your bathroom.
  • Shower area walls will be covered with a waterproof cement board, and new sheetrock will be installed on the entire bathroom walls.

What You Should Know About Re-Bath

Re-Bath professionals complete all the necessary repairs before installing new bathroom features. All your custom-fit washroom elements will be in production during this time. Once the products arrive, re-bath installs them and does any necessary plumbing or electrical work.


Is re-bath overpriced?

Re-bath is not cheap! It is one of the most expensive products made from recycled plastic! Here is the average price for a Re-bath?

Cheap-expensive price range $2,500 – $25,000
National average price$10,465

What is the price per day for remodeling a bathroom?

Remodeling a Bathroom in a Day costs from $4,000 – $15,000 on average. Firms such as Bath Planet and Re-bath charge between $600 and $1,000 for a bathroom remodel that includes a stall, bathtub, toilet, vanity, sink, and a new shower,

Can a customer cancel Re-Bath?

If you’re unsatisfied with services or any of their terms of service, your exclusive and sole solution is to cancel the service on the re-bath website.


Re-bath can be a little expensive, but it’s worth it if you remodel a full bathroom. A re-bath handler will remodel anything in your bathroom, including replacing old bathroom tiles and tub replacements, replacing old bathroom valves, putting up new green boards, installing transolid bathroom walls, and even repainting your bathroom ceiling. So it will be great to make arrangements for a full re-bath rather than only remodeling your tub. That way, you won’t feel the pain of spending! Good luck!

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