Is Cutter Backyard Bug Control Safe For Plants

Cutter Backyard Bug Control is a handy spray bottle that attaches to any garden hose – it just needs to be turned on. This spray bottle is designed to mix the right amount of product with water as you spray it. You simply turn on the hose and spray the garden areas you don’t want insects to visit. But is Cutter Backyard Bug Control safe for plants? Although the product is generally safe for plants, it may not be your best option for garden pesticides as it kills other helpful garden insects such as earthworms, bees, butterflies, and mosquitoes.

What bug spray is safe for plants?

Cutter Backyard Bug Control is a spray product that kills most bugs in a short time. The spray has a convenient hose attachment that sprays the pesticides on a large area. In addition, the product utilizes a synthetic insecticide, lambda-cyhalothrin, which belongs to the pyrethroid family. So, it’s generally safe for plants.

The 32-ounce bottle sprays on approximately 5,000 square feet, similar to an acre. This is a spray that kills just the insects that are destroying your lawn – ants and other outdoor pests. Pyrethroid insecticides are man-made versions of pyrethrins, a chemical produced naturally in chrysanthemum flowers and highly toxic to insects. Unlike natural pyrethroids, synthetic pyrethroids last longer in the environment and break down slower.

Generally, Cutter Backyard Bug Control is a more effective insecticide if applied carefully, but doing it haphazardly can cause inadvertent environmental consequences. The product attaches to your hose and mixes with the water as you spray it. There is a switch on the bottle to turn the sprayer on and off.

How Toxic is Cutter Backyard Bug Control?

Cutter Natural Bug Control Spray is effective and pet safe. It is highly effective against mosquitoes and other pests. The product contains essential oils of Lemongrass and Potassium Sorbate, both of which are very effective. This spray repels not just mosquitoes but other insects and pests. It kills grubs, ants, fleas, ticks, cockroaches, white flies, spiders, beetles, dander beetles, dung beetles, and other insects. You can safely use it on your plants, trees, shrubs, concrete, and walls!

How to Use Cutter Backyard Bug Control

Cutter Backyard Bug Control is a spray bottle that attaches to any hose that is used for gardening. The bottle can also be used as a sprayer for other household chemicals. It’s easy to spray because the spray bottle is designed to mix the product in just the right amount while you spray. 

Simply turn on the hose and spray down any plants or areas where you don’t want insects to live. And since the product attaches to a garden hose, you can effectively spray a very wide area in a short time. Just be careful not to spray areas you don’t mean to spray.

Wait until the pesticide dries completely, and then you and your family can enjoy your lawn normally again and without insect problems. Do not apply to any plants with fruit or vegetables unless it’s very early in the growing stage. The pesticide can take some time to degrade. Always remember to wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating them!

You can treat your entire lawn with a single bottle that can cover up to 5,000 square feet. It can effectively kill insect pests for as long as 12 weeks if applied correctly in spring. If you apply it properly, the product should last all summer, and you can do the treatment again the following year if necessary. 

However, it is not advisable to use this product more than once yearly for reasons outlined in the product’s safety instructions. Do not forget to remove the safety pin added to the nozzle before you start spraying. Since the spray is very toxic, especially to aquatic organisms, you shouldn’t use it near storm sewers, streams, rivers, near ponds or apply it in the rain.

Which Pests Does Cutter Backyard Bug Control Kill?

Cutter Backyard Bug Control is designed to get rid of insects and bugs on lawns and ornamental plants. According to most online customer reviews, the product has proved to work very effectively in controlling a wide variety of pests in many homes across the country. Basically, if you have a bug problem, you can use this product to kill all the bugs that you see. 

Because of the special formula, it is not recommended for spraying in an area with fruits and vegetables. Before you blast it around your yard, ensure you know all the safety precautions you need to take! Some of the common insects it can control include:

  • Whiteflies
  • Ants 
  • Caterpillars
  • Boxelder Bugs
  • Spiders
  • Crickets
  • Beetles
  • Ticks 
  • Cockroaches
  • Chiggers
  • Aphids
  • Stinkbugs
Spraying Cutter Backyard Bug Control
Spraying Cutter Backyard Bug Control

Safety Recommendations When Using the Spray

You must read all the instructions on the bottle label to understand the safety precautions to follow and the correct amount of spray to use regarding the size of your lawn. Remember, the product is only recommended for lawns and other areas outside your house that have been infested with the insects and bugs mentioned earlier. 

Use it carefully to avoid harming your family members or the pets in your household. Never use the product on your vegetables because its residue takes longer to wash off wholly. It’s extremely harmful to the skin or when swallowed. Although the label says the spray is safe once it fully dries, it can take up to a month to degrade. There is no apparent reason you should risk your family’s lives by applying the spray on vegetables.

In New York State, you are not allowed to apply the spray to areas within 100 feet of water bodies or streams that drain directly into a flooded marsh. This is because it’s capable of killing non-target and aquatic organisms. It may harm fish, tadpoles, and other aquatic animals that help lakes and rivers to remain healthy. Therefore, it is wise not to use this product near water or streams that are naturally formed.

Wrapping Up

Just like any other pesticide that you use at home or in your garden, the Cutter Backyard Control can be hazardous to humans and animals if not used properly. Therefore, it’s incumbent upon you to read all the safety instructions carefully and follow them to the letter when applying the spray. But overall, Cutter Backyard Bug Control is safe for plants and should help you manage all the unwanted pests in your yard or garden.

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