How To Turn Bedroom Lights Off Without Getting Out Of Bed

Having to get up from your bed to switch off all the lights and then scramble over all the junk on your floor when going to bed can be so irritating. It’s easy to turn bedroom lights off by automating your home. You can do so by investing in smart plugs, a smart light switch, or smart bulbs. Using any smart device, you can turn off the lights in your bedroom right from your bed. In this article, you’ll learn practicable steps on how to develop a workable bedroom setup, how to implement it, and offer you other viable alternatives you can try out, as well.

Smart Bedroom Light Switch Setup

Here is an excellent example of a bedroom setup. Assume you have five lights in your master bedroom, all controlled by a single switch by the door. Even if you may have several extra light bulbs in your bedroom closets that are rarely used, it may not be worth the effort to automate all the bulbs in your house.

In this example, you can choose to swap your light switch with a smart light switch if all the five bulbs are controlled by one switch. That is one of the simplest ways of implementing a lighting fixture setup that you can control from under your covers. 

If you’re using smart light bulbs, you’ll be forced to change five individual bulbs, translating into a lot of money for five different smart light bulbs. Taking into account that five decent smart bulbs cost around $50, it can be an expensive endeavor. It only costs $19.99 to use a single functional smart light switch. Using a smart light switch will be cheaper than a traditional light switch, allowing you to keep the existing light switch functionality.

However, you must ensure that the light switch that controls your smart bulbs is always on. If you accidentally turn off the switch, it won’t work. Smart light bulbs need a certain amount of electricity to work properly. But since your spouse, family, and guests will often forget and constantly switch off the smart switch. You can buy a special magnetic cover to remind people they need to keep the switch on.

Here are the things you’ll need to set up your smart lights to turn off your lights in your bedroom:

1. A Smart Light Switch 

Ensure that the switch works perfectly with your phone and other devices. Try using the Kasa Smart Light Switch from TP-Link. It works wonderfully with Android and iOS devices. According to most consumer reviews online, most people have used it for over a year and have never had a single problem with it. You really cannot beat the price and quality of these smart switches. 

This switch requires a neutral wire to enable it to work. Buy a Lutron Caseta Smart Home Dimmer Switch if you don’t have a neutral wire. Even though the Lutron Caseta smart switches are expensive, they quite great. If you want to use the Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge, you’ll need a phone/tablet with a 2.4 GHz WiFi connection.

2. A Smartphone or Tablet

A good mobile device will enable you to install the Kasa Smart app on your smartphone or tablet. It’s available on both Google Play and Apple Store. The Kasa Smart app will walk you through installing the smart light switch and setting it up for WiFi.

3. A 2.4 GHz WiFi Connection

If you decide to go with Lutron Caseta smart switches, you will need to buy the Lutron Smart Bridge to make them work. Kasa Smart Light Switches use WiFi to communicate with your smartphone and other devices.

4. Smart Speakers 

You’ll want a smart speaker if you want to turn off your lights using your voice, and not just your phone. You can still control the light switch via the Kasa Smart app if you don’t want to use a smart speaker. The Kasa Smart Light Switch works perfectly with either Google Home or Amazon Alexa, so either one of those is fine!

How to Set Up Your Smart Switch

You need to learn how to set up a smart light switch (in a way that makes sense). It can be intimidating to change out your first light switch! But knowing exactly what you’re doing and how to will help a lot. With a few simple steps, it’s really easy! When working with electricity, you must stay focused and cautious. 

Just follow the instructions on the app, and you’ll be all set! This is not a step-by-step process of replacing an existing light switch with a new smart light switch because that is pretty obvious. But, there are a few things that you need to know in order to get it right the first time. Here’s one of the best and easiest ways to set up a smart light switch.

Always turn off the power to your house before you start to work on any electrical work. It may seem obvious to many people, but 99.9% of electrical injuries are preventable by just taking this simple step. 

Smart lights
Smart lights

We love that the Kasa app walks you through quickly and shows you exactly how to install and connect their smart light switch; they’ll demonstrate everything with the help of clear pictures to guide you throughout the process. There’s no other brand that offers this kind of user experience.

If you don’t know how to use a neutral wire, take a few minutes to learn about it online. It’s really not complicated, and most houses have them. You should be able to turn your bedroom lights off within a few minutes by installing a smart light switch and connecting it using the instructions on the Kasa Smart app. 

You can also use the Kasa Smart App to set up some basic automation like turning on or off a timer so that lights in your bedroom will automatically come on at certain times. You can then set up a schedule where you can schedule when you want lights to come on and off.

Integrate Your Devices

Connect the new smart light switch to a smart speaker or smartphone. If you want to go even further, you can easily integrate your smart light switch with a smart speaker. So you don’t need to turn off your lights using your smartphone only. You can say, OK, Google (Google Home) or even “Alexa turn off the lights,” and the automation will do the magic. Just follow the simple steps on the tutorials for using Google Home or Amazon Alexa, and in a few minutes, you’ll be good to start connecting and syncing your devices to the smart light switch.

Smart Bulbs and Smart Plugs

Smart plugs and smart bulbs are a great way to automate lighting that is not controlled by a light switch. Let’s assume there are two lamps in the corner of your bed and a light in your closet that you want to control. You can use smart plugs for your lamps. Besides, you don’t need a separate switch, so you can use smart plugs for other things. Smart plugs are affordable and easy to install. They can easily convert ordinary lamps into functional smart lamps. You can also use a smart bulb to control the lighting in your closet.

You probably won’t be able to use your old closet light switch anymore, but it won’t be too bad for a typical closet. Both smart plugs and smart bulbs can be set up easily using an app on your phone. Once you connect all those products, you need to put them in a group called Bedroom lights. So when you say OK, Alexa or Google, turn off the lights in my bedroom, all the smart lights, smart plugs, and smart bulbs will do the same thing.

Wrapping Up

The setup we covered above makes it very easy to start your day off right by turning on your bedroom lights. This is great if you want to turn your lights on early in the morning but aren’t quite ready to get out of bed. Just say “OK, Google, turn on my bedroom lights” or “OK, Alexa, turn on my bedroom lights.” Syncing smart products such as smart light switches with smart speakers like Google Home or Amazon Alexa will give you voice control over your home automation. 

Using home automation is your best bet if you want to turn off the lights in your bedroom (or turn on the lights in your bedroom) relatively inexpensively without ever getting out of bed. You don’t have to invest in several wires, hire a qualified electrician, and spend several hours trying to automate your house to make it work! Avoid those potential tripping accidents when switching off the lights and returning to bed in total darkness by automating your home lighting fixtures.

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