How Long Can A Wasp Live Trapped?

When we think of wasps, we automatically imagine the noisy insect stingers that wound badly. Even though wasps can sting you just like bees do, they don’t die upon stinging a potential predator as bees do. Rather, they’ll simply stay in the same place and sting you over and over again. Since wasps don’t produce honey like honeybees, they have no real purpose other than to damage shrubs and plants in your garden. However, these very same wasps are important members of our ecosystem. But how long can a wasp live trapped?

Wasps are aggressive predators. They hunt and eat very small insects that can severely damage crops. They eat grasshoppers, flies, aphids, and the sweet nectar that flowers and honeycombs provide. But, they can be a real nuisance if they build a nest in your home. Besides trapping them, here is a quick guide on how you can easily and quickly deal with the issue once and for all.

How To Deal With Wasps In Your Home

If wasps are in your kitchen, place a plastic wrap around all the food and cookware so that they will not be attacked. Wasps will escape easily if you open all the doors and windows of your house. Fertile females or even queen bees can live all year long, whereas sterile females that reproduce may only live for about 20 days if trapped. Furthermore, if a wasp’s nest is in your house, the wasps can survive quite comfortably for much longer than that, and if they do, you may have some problems.

Remember, many different wasp species are found in North America, the most common being the Yellowjacket and the paper wasp. Regardless of the species you’re dealing with, don’t touch them. Just kill them because they’re nothing more than a bunch of slobs. If you must kill a wasp, wait until it lands on something that is easy to reach, and then either kill it by using a trap made from a plastic milk bottle or swat it with a plastic flyswatter.

Those annoying bugs cause a lot of mental and physical pain to any homeowner. Wasps can chew through hardwood and other materials to get out of any blockades you place in your house. Since a wasp nest may contain 200 of these pesky bugs and can last up to four months, you should cut down the nest and kill most of the wasps so that they don’t rebuild.

Wasps in a nest
Wasps in a nest

How Long Can A Wasp Live Trapped In The House?

How long a wasp lives trapped depends on several factors, including their species, colony ranking, age, and weather. It can be very short—just a couple of days—or it can be a few weeks. While some species can have different food preferences, others only prefer sugary foods or meat. Those who need sugar have more energy, so they need to feed often. They will starve much quicker if they are not properly fed.

It is believed that worker wasps have a very shorter lifespan than queen wasps. Also, note that how long wasps live depends on how cold or hot the weather is. Extreme temperatures can kill them quickly even if they feed well. It is even faster if they are trapped and don’t have enough food. Essentially, if it becomes too cold, their metabolism can slow down, which may help them stay alive longer than usual. Therefore, if you see a wasp in your home, don’t expect the wasp to die from starvation quickly. Instead, try using safe and effective homemade remedies to get rid of the wasp.

How Long Will A Wasp Last Without Food?

Wasps can live for a very long time without food. Depending on the size of the wasp, the colony ranking, age, and the weather, the bug can survive without food for a long time. Some bugs and pests have different eating habits, such as eating a lot of sugar or meat. If they eat frequently, they become more energetic, and since they need to eat a lot of sugar to stay healthy, they will starve quicker if they don’t get enough food.

Weather also significantly affects how long a wasp can live, as cold weather or extremely hot weather can kill them quickly even if they have access to enough food. It happens even faster if they have no food sources. If it’s too cold, their metabolism will slow down, so they will continue to survive longer than normal.

How Long Can A Wasp Live Under Normal Circumstances?

Wasps can survive for a good six months in a nest kept indoors. In the event that they are trapped in a door or window, they can last up to two days with air. The Lifespan of a wasp depends on its position in its colony. Their Lifespan is anywhere from 12 to 22 days. 

It has been discovered that up to 90% of wasps (the workers) are parasitized. A scientific study found out the Vesparum female survived and became a queen like other queens. The parasite was trying to complete its own life cycle. Interestingly, some wasps even eat other wasps to conserve a healthy population.

How Long Does it Take for a Wasp to Die?

Wasps usually die within 15 minutes of coming into contact with the pesticide. Being able to delay the poisoning gives them a longer time to carry the insecticide in their colony and spread it from there to contaminate the whole thing.

Wrapping Up

Wasps will keep stinging you every time you disturb their hornet or pass by the nest. All you need to get rid of the wasps in your home is pressure wash them away at night. However, that might not be the most viable solution if you have children and pets in your household. Consider hiring the services of a professional with the right gear, equipment, and wasp cleaning products to help you mitigate the issue. 

A professional would have noticed a few signs many homeowners don’t look for when dealing with a wasp problem. Trying to block the wasp’s nest is not an ideal way of solving the wasp issue in your home. Obviously, no homeowner will want to wasps inside or outside his/her windows. Even if the wasps seem not moving, don’t assume they’re dead as they are good at “playing dead.” 

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