Can You Use Kitchen Parchment Paper as Rolling Papers?

Can you use kitchen parchment paper as rolling papers? Well, the answer is absolute No! Don’t do that! Parchment paper is manufactured by pup sheets and may contain harmful chemicals like silicon. I bet you don’t want it in your lungs.

If you are a cannabis user, there are essential items that you should have at all times. Omitting this vital aspect shows unprofessionalism for any stoner. However, even the most experienced stoner can get caught up at some point. And thus, you might find yourself wondering, what is the best alternative for rolling paper?

What Is a Rolling Paper?

One of the essential accessories for a stoner is a rolling paper. It is a unique paper specifically designed for rolling marijuana to make a joint. You may use rolling machines to roll or compress the cannabis smokeable substance into any desired shape.

Rolling papers are available in different materials and sizes, including rice and hemp. The fantastic thing is that some countries have their own unique name for rolling paper. In the U.S, they are sometimes called paper rolls or simply papers.

Can You Use Kitchen Parchment Paper as Rolling Papers?
A rolling paper

Rolling papers can also be referred to as; rizlas, joints, tapettes, doobies, fatties, wraps, cones, spliffs, skins, or blanks. In the manufacturing of rolling papers, the quality of the paper used is essential. It is because the quality of the paper can affect things like taste and smell. In addition, it also impacts the ease of smoking and burning time of the joint.

Softer papers are generally easier to roll. They are thinner, facilitating faster burning and making them suitable for burning doobies. But the taste is affected as it lacks natural oils. Some people prefer to use thicker paper as they taste better and burn more slowly.

However, they are a hustle to roll. Special rolling papers are needed for rolling conical joints. Alternatively, paper with a glue strip can also be used for rolling conical joints. Even though particular steps must be taken to avoid the glue from touching the prepared material.

3 Best Alternatives for Rolling Papers

In case you run out of rolling papers, here are the 4 best alternatives to use:

1. Corn Husks

You may be amazed about this, but just like rolling papers, a corn husk can be used to make a perfect joint. But you don’t want a corn husk stuck in your throat. If you carefully remove all the silk, place your marijuana in the husks, and then tighten it by rolling it with your fingers, you will have a perfectly smokeable joint.

Can You Use Kitchen Parchment Paper as Rolling Papers?
Use corn husk to roll a joint.

There are different ways in which you may use corn husk:

  • Remove the corn’s silk and put your marijuana on either of the sides of the corn husk. Then using your fingers, roll the husk gently to make a tight joint.
  • The second option is to rip off all silk and roll it tightly without inserting the marijuana. Next, you can smoke it just like a cigarette or cigar.

Regular Printing Paper

Your regular printing paper may be a perfect replacement for rolling paper. The first step is to tear a strip of paper. You may now fold your paper in half. Place your material on its crease line prior to rolling the paper tightly to form a joint.

Based on the kind of paper you’ve used, you might require to utilize a lighter to light the joint properly. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that rolling up regular printing paper might be a hustle because they’re thicker than standard rolling paper.

Gum Wrapper

A chewing gum wrapper is yet another excellent alternative for rolling paper. Even though it’s better if you use unwrapped gum, this alternative isn’t available in several regions or countries due to the ban of chewing gum.  

To use the chewing gum wrapper, first unwrap it by tearing it from one end. Next, gently remove its foil. Afterward, put your marijuana on half part of the wrapping paper and, by applying slight pressure on it, roll with your fingers to form a joint.

Can You Use Kitchen Parchment Paper as Rolling Papers?
Chewing gum paper.

Difference Between Parchment Paper, Butter Paper, And Waxed Paper

Parchment Paper (Baking Paper Bakery Paper)

Parchment paper is greaseproof and can be used in the kitchen for cooking and baking. Parchment paper is a versatile kitchen helper and can serve several different purposes. It features a non-stick surface that helps to prevent food from sticking to it. Parchment papers are also highly resistant to heat and can withstand temperatures up to 220°C. 

Butter Paper (Sandwich Paper)

Butter paper lacks a non-stick surface and is therefore ideal for baking purposes. It protects the chopping board when preparing raw meat or vegetables or when going on a picnic.

Waxed Paper

A waxed paper features a waxy non-stick surface and is water resistant. Please Note that it should not be placed in an oven as it’s not heat-resistant. Also, keep in mind that baking paper can handle most jobs for wax paper, and the reverse is false. Using wax paper inside your oven might result in smoke which would temper the taste of the food being prepared.


Can parchment paper resist heat?

Parchment paper is made of cellulose, and it’s chemically treated to make it so that it can be used on any kind of surface. It is extremely water resistant, heat-resistant, and durable.

What is natural parchment paper made of?

Natural parchment paper is chlorine free and unbleached. The allergen- and gluten-free paper is finished with silicon to give it a good non-stick finish.

Do all kinds of parchments papers contain PFAS?

Tests on packaging for our home-baking and cooking supplies, including oven-cooking food trays, microwaves, baking cups, parchment papers, and butter wrappers, showed that none of these items are treated with PFAS.

Final Verdict

Rolling papers are generally available in different flavors, but luckily for you, we have revealed some other excellent alternatives that you can use when you get out of stock unnoticeably. These types of papers are easier to find and quick to use. But always avoid using kitchen parchment as a rolling paper. It’s not good for your lungs.

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