Can You Mount A Projector Above The Bed?

While settling on your couch to watch a quick episode of your favorite series after a long day at work may be calming, there is nothing magical and sublime like lying on your bed and enjoying a great movie on your ceiling. Being able to project onto your ceiling is a true luxury. Using a projector to help you project clearer images is a great way to improve the quality of your home entertainment. But can you mount a projector above the bed?

Having a projector mounted on the bedroom ceiling allows you to see clearer images, which results in a better feel for your bedroom. When installing a projector above the bed, you’ll need to consider several factors such as the size of the bedroom, the projector’s throw distance, the vertical offset, and screen size. Carefully follow the guidelines and the instructions in the manual to help you ensure that the projector is positioned correctly in your bedroom.

Where Should A Projector Be Placed in a Bedroom?

If you want to make your bedroom look even more breathtaking, consider mounting a projector in your bedroom rather than that big screen you’ve been using for years. Projectors can provide you with several hours of great entertainment and unending relaxation, and they can be placed in different locations in your bedroom for optimum effect. Some of the most preferred locations include:

1. The Ceiling

Ceiling-mount projectors are some of the most popular projector models you can buy. These models are designed to offer wide viewing angles. Moreover, your ceiling-mounted projector will not hugely affect your bedroom décor. They perfectly suit almost every room, from the bedroom to the living room or other areas of your house. Hanging the projector from the ceiling is very useful if you want to save space.

There are many benefits of mounting your projector on the ceiling, including the freedom to adjust the viewing angle of your projector, which will purely depend on your personal preferences. Additionally, ceiling-mount projectors provide a more spherical viewing angle than wall or table mount projectors.

2. Table or Desk

When you have a small desk or table in your bedroom, you can mount your projector on it. The desk or table in your bedroom will help you get the ideal viewing angle. If you don’t have a projector mounted on a ceiling, then go for a table-mount projector that can be easily mounted to a table.

3. Built-In Niche Walls

People with a built-in niche wall in their private rooms can creatively mount a projector in their bedroom. Mounting a projector in the corner of a bedroom wall is an easy way to save space and hide the projector. This option is perfect if you have an old projector. However, this is not a popular idea because most bedrooms don’t have built-in niche walls.

4. Incorporate It Into Your Home Theater

You can add a projector to your bedroom’s home theatre system, and you will have everything you need. This will allow you to have the best sound and picture quality, and it will allow you to add other home theater components to your system easily. You can enjoy an even better viewing experience.


How Do You Mount a Projector Over a Bed?

It’s possible to mount the projector behind a bed canopy or headboard. This position will allow you to enjoy a unique viewing experience. Putting a large projector behind a headboard can create a very romantic and relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom. 

There are some great advantages to using a projector in this location, such as easily controlling the amount of light entering your room. Everyone wants to watch movies or TV shows on big screens at night. But you can even use your projector in the bedroom during the day.

Did you know that you can hide your projector in the bedroom by investing in a newer projector with special features? Most homeowners only envision a projector placed in front of a screen whenever they think about a projector. Interestingly, there are newer models of projectors on the market that allow users to install their projectors behind their screens. 

So, you don’t have to worry a lot about the heat the projector will produce when mounted above the bed when you can position it behind your screen. Furthermore, that means you’ll be securely hiding the projector. All you need is a special screen, a modern-day projector, and some additional equipment for the setup. 

However, you’ll need to have extra space behind your screen to accommodate the projector. This is a great rear-projection system for those willing to pay extra for more quality. To get a top-notch quality experience, follow these tips on how to best use a home projector:

  • Choose the best sound – The best audio system to compliment a big video projector is one that boasts a home theater receiver and several speakers.
  • Control light properly – It is important to keep the lights away from your screen. 
  • Clean your projector filters – The filters prevent dust from entering the projector. If not cleaned regularly, it can cause the projector to become very hot. You need to clean the filter regularly to ensure it is working well.
  • Always read the manual – Every home projector comes with an operating manual. The manual is usually available in both digital and hard copy formats. The best way to start is to learn how to use your home projector.

Wrapping Up

It’s always a smart idea to consult a professional contractor or interior designer before making any changes to your home. Getting help from a professional will help you determine the best location for your projector in the bedroom and ensure that it is installed correctly. Depending on your projector’s specs or features, a professional can help you choose the best way to mount a projector above the bed.

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