Can You Install a Peloton In the Bedroom?

Now that the peloton is becoming more popular, more and more people have started becoming keener about the available Peloton setup options out there. Millions of homeowners across the nation are currently shopping for Pelotons more than ever before, and the craze is weirdly trending. In fact, if you sell a house with a home gym in it, you can sell that house more quickly. We believe home buyers want to go to houses that have already been fitted with a special gym room in order to get ideas on where they can place their peloton when they live there. But can you place a Peloton in the bedroom? 

How to Set Up a Peloton in the Bedroom

Whether you have a selected room in your home or just making some room in your master bedroom, these Peloton room ideas will inspire you to take your home decor up a notch!

1. Utilize the Natural Light

If you have a window or a door in your bedroom, it will let a lot of natural light in and make sure you have enough room to stand up and stretch. Even if you can bike inside the house, you’ll love the experience of thinking outside the box while on your peloton. 

Therefore, you can install your bike by a window to look outside to see the trees and the sky as you ride. Even if you don’t want to work out next to a window, having a bit of natural light in your room is just nice.

You’ll be riding near a window or a wall, so you must have enough room to stretch your arms out fully. Riding a bike at the right arm position is crucial to your fitness.

Natural light from a window
Natural light from a window

2. Create a Chosen Stretching Area

If you decide to do some stretching at the end of your ride, put a yoga mat or some other supportive mat in your room. You have probably heard some peloton instructors talk about the importance of stretching out after each ride. Make sure you have plenty of room for your arms to extend. You can find nice yoga mats online to add to your regimen.

3. Try a Unique Mirror Hack

Mirrors are expensive, but you need to go big for a true gym look and feel. Try to make a custom mirror that looks like a professional gym in your bedroom at a fraction of the cost. For instance, you can buy a 60′′ by 36′′ mirror from Amazon and mount it on the wall with a Metal Mirror Mounting System and some metal hooks. It is sleek and looks great. It is much bigger than most large mirrors you can buy in the physical stores near you. Mirrors mount easily to the wall and are super simple to install. 

4. Add a Sound Bar

Sometimes, you need a good tune to motivate you for a good workout or a heavy lift. A decent Bluetooth speaker is probably the best option for a peloton room or home gym area. It can put out a decent amount of volume and sound. These are the perfect speakers to get the right peloton experience in your bedroom. Most Bluetooth speakers are actually very easy to use. In addition, they take up very little space.

Audio bars amp up the sound, making you feel like you are in the same room as Alex Toussaint! You can get a really good soundbar that connects wirelessly to a huge 8-inch wireless TV. Being able to listen to good music will help you to get through a hard bike ride. 

Usually, a simple Bluetooth speaker is enough to make music in your home gym. They’re cheap, easy to use, and just do what they are supposed to do. Most Bluetooth speakers aren’t very loud (not too loud for a gym setting), and when you crank them up, they start sounding terrible. There are always things you must compromise on when using Bluetooth speakers in your peloton room because they are small and only need one battery to run.

5. Screen Mirror to a TV

Mirroring your bike screen to a TV in your Peloton room will help you enjoy more classes and workouts like strength training and yoga. It can be hard to stay focused during yoga class when you are leaning over and trying to read the screen on your bike. 

You’ll need a TV that can accept a Bluetooth connection to record a screencast. Go to the screen settings on your Peloton bike, select Bluetooth, and choose Screen Cast to find a TV to mirror your screen. 

Another useful feature is that you can use an adjustable, full motion TV mount to put your TV above your workstation. It allows you to easily adjust the direction of the TV screen to face either the bike or the mat if you are doing different workouts.

Peloton with screen
Peloton with screen

6. Roll Your Towels

Always have a few hand towels handy. Find a pretty storage container that holds a set of towels, and wrap them in a nice big towel roll to give the room a gym feel. Adding a pretty basket to your wall can also give you a similar look. 

7. Store Your Shoes Appropriately

Place some drawers in the gym to store your running shoes and other workout accessories, such as your running socks. Store your shoes properly if you usually don’t leave them on the floor. Even when you get some extra shoes, weights, yoga balls, and other things online, always ensure that you store them in their rightful drawers.

8. Incorporate Inspirational Wall Art

Home gyms or the peloton room in the bedroom are the perfect spaces to experiment with bold décor! Feel free to experiment with interior design. Why not start with a room that will inspire you? 

If you want to get the blood pumping in your workout space, try adding some stylish wall art to it. You’ll feel great the minute you walk into your at-home gym! You probably spend all day riding your peloton in a boring gym setting, so make it fun! Make your room unique and fun by adding colorful wall art and funky furniture. 

You can find very cute pieces of art that’ll inspire you to “keep moving” on online marketplaces such as Etsy. For example, a 24′′x36′′ print that is already framed is a great way to get started. You can change some words on the beautiful art print to make it pop out against your dark bedroom walls. Make a paper chain wall arts for the other sides of your windows to make the décor even more personalized. You can find free tutorials for making a chain wall hanging online.

9. Add Some Plants

When you decorate with indoor plants, you create more oxygen as pats produce oxygen through photosynthesis and increase your peloton performance. You can start small by placing a few plants on the windows in your bedroom. You can also go all out by arranging dozens of plants in your home. 

When you decorate your house with plants, you invite the outdoors in and create a mini garden in the room that you can tend to all year. Depending on their shape, you can arrange the plants in different sizes and shapes. Group your favorite plants in different ways to create interesting effects.

Plants look great in any room and instantly make you feel good. People love to have plants in their homes because they bring cheer to their rooms. Choose plants that have different leaf shapes and different growth types. 

Place a squat, bushy plant that trails behind the house, a tree with large leaves that grows upwards (fig trees), and a tall plant with wide, leafy leaves that grow vertically. This will create an interesting look that will draw attention to the area and give it a natural look. 

Plants are great even if you don’t have a green thumb. You can buy fake plants online from Amazon! Some really cool-looking fake plants look just as good as real plants. You can actually have fake and real plants in your peloton room, and people won’t be able to tell the difference easily.

10. Keep Up the Good Work

You are doing some pretty stuff! Keep it up! You can have any decor you want in your peloton room. Take your peloton in bedroom experience a notch higher by experimenting with various ideas so you can keep renewing the way you feel every time you ride your bike. Even though the space in the bedroom may not be sufficient enough for a peloton installation, you can ingeniously try to find ways of creating some workout space.

Wrapping Up

When you add a few other things to a functional gym, you can quickly transform the space into a room you’ll always look forward to using. Once you add a few other items, you can walk by it and be excited to get out of your comfort zone, shut the door, crank up the volume, and get on the bike to exercise! Imagine having a peloton bike space in your bedroom? With a little creativity and borrowing from our ideas above, you can rest assured that the experience will be transformative.

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