Bleach And Aluminum Foil Bomb

If you mix bleach and aluminum foil in a closed container, the reaction is exothermic and may form a bomb. The explosion would be a result of the production of hydrogen gas. However, it takes place only if there is excess energy production or if you light a match stick which would lead to combustion of the flammable hydrogen gas.

You probably use bleach in your home, but you shouldn’t use it to clean everything. You must be careful about using chemicals like bleach in particular household applications. Bleach can cause severe damage to kitchen utensils made of metal. For instance, it can cause color changes to metals like aluminum.

What Happens to Your Aluminium foil or other utensils If You Use Bleach to Cleanse Them?

Bleach won’t cause immediate corrosion on aluminum foil or other aluminum surfaces. It will not damage the surface of a pot or pan because bleach isn’t strong enough to remove all the silver from the surface. But, using bleach can cause aluminum to turn a dark gray or black. Your aluminum utensils may begin to darken or change to black. Do not use bleach if you want to maintain your silver-colored and shiny surface in a pan or a pot.

Considerations For Using Bleach

When washing aluminum siding, a detergent mixture of bleach and water may not damage the surface. However, to be safe, only clean a small area of the item you are cleaning with the detergent mixture before you wash the whole area. Don’t allow the cleaning mixture to remain on the utensil’s surface for too long; flush the area with plenty of water after cleaning it.

Why Aluminum Might Be Leaching into Your Food

When cooking food with aluminum foil, temperatures can become extremely high, causing the aluminum to leak into the food. Several factors may cause aluminum to leach into food. In a recent research, the amount of aluminum found in cooked meat was related to many factors, such as the type of meat, the cooking time, the cooking temperature, and the incorporation of vegetables and fresh fruits. For instance, red meat cooked for forty minutes at (200°C) contained more aluminum content than before cooking.

Researchers found that cooking acidic food could cause more damage to aluminum cookware. More aluminum is leached when food contains lemon or tomato juice (For instance, food that’s marinated in lemon juice). Consuming food leached with aluminum particles harms all kinds of organs and tissues in your body. It will eventually accumulate in your muscles, blood, and organs, causing health problems.

Healthier Alternatives for Aluminium Foil

People use aluminum foil because it is cheap and easy to protect food when it is being cooked. But in order to curb the risk that aluminum may leach during cooking, here are some alternatives you can opt for:

  • Remove canned foods from the aluminum packages and heat the food in iron pans or stainless-steel cookware.
  • Bake food in porcelain cookware or heatproof glass.
  • Try switching from cooking with aluminum pans to good-quality stainless-steel pans. If this isn’t possible, try boiling the aluminum pans in water until their surface becomes matt. This hack trick will remove any residue that may be in the aluminum. The process oxidizes aluminum, so it cannot become a problem.


Is it really non-toxic to use the other side of aluminum foil?

It really doesn’t matter which side of aluminum foil you will use — it will work equally well for cooking, storing, and freezing food.

Wrap food in aluminum foil or store it in a refrigerator?

Turns out that using aluminum foil to store leftover food is not ideal. Refrigerated leftovers can stay fresh for up to four days, as long as they are correctly sealed and stored in the refrigerator. For most folks, putting things in the fridge is easy by simply covering a plate with aluminum foil and throwing it in there.

How can you clean stains on your aluminum cookware?

If you want to remove stains or discoloration from aluminum cookware, mix 2-3 tablespoons of cream of lemon juice, vinegar, or tartar, in a quart of water. Next, you need to boil the water. Soak your discolored pan in the boiling mixture for about 10 minutes. Lastly, use a soft cloth to clean the surface.

Final Verdict

A mixture of bleach and aluminum in a closed container explodes due to the exothermic reaction that releases hydrogen gas. Most folks see this to be a harmless amusement. However, it can be dangerous as the reaction is unpredictable, and you won’t know when the mixture explodes. Also, as it explodes, it may spray hot acid on your body. You don’t want that!

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