18 Innovative Ideas To Turn On Living Room Light

A living room should have lighting that spans all four walls and creates a sense of space and harmony. It should include a mix of accent and task lighting—chandeliers, table lamps, recessed lighting, wall sconces, and even candles to create different effects and moods. Some homeowners have trouble seeing what they are doing in their living rooms because living room lighting fixtures are too dim. So, how do you turn on living room light more innovatively?

Do you have some old light fixtures in your living rooms that look very ugly or maybe just outdated? Have you recently done some lighting, but it’s not bright enough for you to work or read a book in the living room? Are you confused about the right type of living room lighting to buy? You have come to the right place where you’ll learn all you need to know about innovative living room lighting ideas and how to seamlessly turn them on to suit your situation.

Innovative Ideas to Turn On Living Room Light

Here is a quick overview of 18 creative ways to turn on living room lights:

1. Oversize Statement Light

Many brands have creatively come up with large, striking floor lamps with a remarkable, slim silhouette that provides users with ample light that can impressively warm up their living rooms. Furthermore, these lights will look good even when turned off. If you’re planning to buy a unique mid-century Floor Lamp or a more inexpensive tripod floor lamp, this light will turn your lighting into a great source of illumination and as a piece of furniture.

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2. Mixing Old and New Lighting

A beautiful chandelier or a beautiful sconce from an old shop can be used to brighten up a room with antique features. A living room with historic bones can feel fresh and modern thanks to a sophisticated lighting design. In this elegant, innovative lighting idea, the designer used warm contemporary fixtures such as wall brackets to give your living room a timeless appeal. Many decorative ceiling lights and standing lamps in different materials allow you to create different lighting effects in different rooms while keeping the space harmonious.

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3. Artistic Wall Light

You probably use your living room mostly to watch Netflix and chill out, so why not use the space above your sofa to install a dramatic wall light such as Tilen SSepi’s design called the Eclipse Wall Light. It’s the kind of wall art and decor that creates interest and causes people to talk. It works exceptionally well in minimalist living rooms.

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4. Moroccan Lantern

You don’t need a Moroccan-style living room to put a beautiful Moroccan-style perforated metal lantern in your living room. The innovative lighting idea by Mirka McNeill, an established interior designer, can be hung in the living room to add a whimsical note to your living room’s eclectic décor. The lighting casts magical shadows if properly placed in the center of the room.

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5. Built-In Lighting

Add some warm lighting to a modern space by using LED or built-in lighting to highlight a coffered ceiling, showcase the underside of a console for a leavening effect, or using a decorative or decorative lamp to illuminate open shelves. Mix in one or two exciting light fixtures to keep the room feeling warm and inviting.

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6. Naked Bulbs

Want to give your space more of an industrial feel? Try hanging bulbs directly from the ceiling with no dimmer switches or other accessories attached. It’ll create a rustic look for your home. It’ll add some character to your living room. Moreover, the bulb’s metal accents and cord work well with neutrals. One caveat: While naked bulbs may look cool, they can be very harsh. When it’s time to go to bed, use soft lighting that provides a soft glow at night.

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7. The Perfect Pendant

The addition of ceiling lights helps to give your room an air of grandeur by drawing attention upwards and making the room feel bigger. It’s not always necessary to go for an overhead living room lighting idea. Instead, it depends on your personal preference and how you want to use the room.

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8. Highlight Existing Architecture

You can use a mix of lighting styles to create a marvelous living room light in an apartment. One of the most outstanding lighting fixtures is a mid-century Arco lamp and an antique French chandelier. The two innovative lighting ideas can spectacularly illuminate your living room with a beautiful decorative light that emphasizes ancient period details and give it a modern feel.

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9. Fireplace as Focal Point

Nothing warms a room like the cozy glow of a fireplace. If your fireplace isn’t burning, your living room will feel freezing, especially during the cold winter months. In your living room, a decorative light fixture that shines brightly and looks pretty can be complemented by warm wall sconces that are hung around the room. 

This lighting idea will give your living room an even glow. It adds warmth and contrasts nicely with the warm wood accents that are already in the room. If you have a fireplace, you can also use eco-friendly LED-based pillar candles that flicker like the flames of a real fire.

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10. Perfectly Mismatched

When choosing a lighting fixture for the side of a sofa, there is no need to limit yourself to ensure that the table lamps are identical. Right in your living room, you can have two lamps on either side of the sofa and a low-slung chandelier that hangs freely over the sofa. The balanced lighting creates a sense of place without being too matchy. The brass finishes on such lighting fixtures and the coffee table in your living room will help keep things even more harmonious.

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11. Pendant Lights 

Pendant lights have become very popular in recent years. The lights are very affordable, and they look great without becoming the main focal point of a room. This is the way to go if you want to put some beautiful pendant lights in your living room that will complement it rather than be a distraction to your decor.


12. Floor Lighting

Not all living rooms are fitted with ceiling lights, especially if you’re renting a place. And sometimes, there are no options for lighting your space adequately. If you have either one of these problems, try the power of a fabulous floor lamp. Look for floor lamps with multiple heads so the light can shine in different directions. If you can, try to choose a lamp that looks a little bit more grown-up than a junior college dorm—your space will thank you.


13. The Bookcase Lighting

Accent lighting is perfect when it comes to making lighting work in any space in your living room. This means you can strategically place accent lights on different living room sections. Living room lights are usually placed on tables and corners and can be placed atop books and other artwork. By putting accent lights around the items in your living room, you highlight the things you want to show, giving your living room a scholarly or museum-like feel.


14. Metallic Pendant

Metallic pendants are a great way to add a touch of luxury to your living room. The pendants have reflective surfaces that allow light to bounce around a room, create some visual interest, and allow you to have enough overhead lighting to fill your entire living room.


15. The Space Age

Space-age design features sunny colors, futuristic shapes, and incredible light displays, like a sunburst chandelier. Sunburst chandeliers give your living room an elegant look and shine brightly in every corner of your room.


16. Wicker Shades

You can add wicker shades to your living room for soft, natural light diffusion. Wicker shades give your space a calming feeling and make it feel more natural.


17. Try Different Themes

Trying out a unique theme, especially for specific occasions, will also help your living room lights blend seamlessly without being too matchy-matchy. That’s achieved by properly coordinating your accessories. You might want to match your living room lighting with some traditional glass pendants for coastal living room ideas. Use a wide variety of shapes and materials to create a living room that looks more organic and natural. You’ll feel more at home and less like you’re just showing off your old house.


18. Mismatch Lamp Shades 

Are all the shades in a room really necessary? Not necessarily. But when it comes to hanging lights, it helps to have matching shades. If you want to highlight some area in your home, choose a light shade that compliments the light. With a little creativity, lighting can be as simple as choosing lamp shades and hanging lights.


Wrapping Up

You don’t have to suffer in the dark because of poor lighting in your living room when thousands of unique solutions are out there! It is important to recognize the lighting problems in your home by using these living room lighting tips that will help you improve your living room lighting. If you want more lighting in your living room, you need to be sure about what you want the lighting to do for you in the living room. It’s not always necessary to put in a lot of expensive living room lighting fixtures to provide enough light to fill the room for guests.

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