11 Cottagecore Bedroom Decor Ideas

Cottagecore is currently a new trend in home decorating that looks old-school and traditional yet delivers a comfortable, elegant, and cozy design. It’s a home décor that is simple and easy to implement. These 11 cottagecore bedroom decor ideas can be applied to anything, from comfortable beddings to wall murals and floor carpets. We’ll show you exactly what you need to create a cottagecore look and beautiful space that will naturally reflect your personality.

What Is a Cottagecore Decorating Style?

Cottagecore is basically a style that tries to bring out the best in nature or a country feel. You can decorate by telling a relaxing story of a tranquil forest or rural cottage style. Cottagecore is also referred to as countrycore. Cottagecore is actually divided into different styles such as farmcore, prairecore, grandmacore, fairycore, countrycore, and meadowcore. 

How Do I Make My Room Feel Cottagecore?

When it comes to the cottage-core aesthetic, choose items that give your room a natural and vintage feel. For example, you could use books about plants, candles, flowers in medicine jars, vintage mirrors, dream catchers, vintage suitcases, vintage lampshades, and lampshades. The color palette of cottagecore features neutral tones such as cream, taupe, vanilla, and brown that are soft and natural. 

Choose a style with natural accents with colors such as lilac and pink, violet and blue that you often see in a country garden. It comprises natural materials of all varieties, including wood — natural, distressed, or painted to give a room that feels as though it was never built. Your room will undoubtedly feel comfortable and homey.

Some of the ways you can easily transform your current home into cottagecore style include:

  • Soften the look of hardwood and tile floors by using rugs and floor coverings that feature floral or nautical motifs.
  • Dress up old dressers and convert them into shelves that you can use to display art, books, and other collections.
  • Hang botanic prints on your walls or include a picture of a picturesque view over the sofa, and embellish the rooms liberally with embroidered samplers and cross-stitch projects.
  • Fill your home with flowers in the form of beautiful arrangements to make it look like summer, even on the driest of winter days.
  • Put your green thumb to work by planting potted plants in your home and in your herb garden.

Top 11 Cottagecore Bedroom Décor Ideas

Below are our top 11 Cottagecore bedroom décor ideas to try out this year:

1. Couch Makeover

Decorate your sofa with a soft and cozy afghan made of a tufted quilt with flowers and lace or a soft yarn. You don’t have to give up your minimalist futon from Ikea or your leather sofa. All you need to achieve that cottagecore design is to add a few pillows or cushions with pretty embroidered or lace designs or with hand-dyed tapestries to keep things ethereal.

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2. Consider a Collage Wall

Create a wall that is decorated with collages. Try out different framed prints of your favorite whimsical subjects, such as mushrooms, frogs, or other fairy tale creatures. You can also use images of dragonflies, hummingbirds, and butterflies. Choose frames that are different in shapes and sizes to mix and match or arrange the frames symmetrically. You’ll end with a décor that you’ll enjoy looking at.


3. Cottagecore Plants

It is easy to have a room look like a forest by adding plants to your home. It is perfect for incorporating plants that look like they are from nature. A great bedroom decor idea of plants is executed passionately. 

Plants can make your bedroom a gorgeous space and give it a cozy, natural feel. Your bedroom will become stunning and warm. Whether you love plants or need help decorating with them, you must choose the most suitable indoor plants. In order to create a great cottagecore design with plants, you need to start small and learn as you go. 

Match the plants to your design to create a cohesive look. Liven up your bathroom by installing plants that provide you with lots of humidity. Brighten up the dark corners in your bedroom with plants that are easy to care for and create interesting contrasts with plants of all Sizes.


4. Rework Your Corners

A super comfortable sofa or vintage folding couch will make a cozy corner in any room of your home. An occasional table is perfect for storing books or other useful items. Don’t forget to include a vintage-style table lamp with a simple linen lamp shade or opt for a hand-made Victorian-style lamp.


5. Utilize Your Cooking Statements

Turn all the kitchen tools that you use to prepare food into a fashion statement. With a couple of coat hooks, you can hang a set of wire whisks and wooden spoons or a valuable wood rolling pin on the wall. Give your crockery jar or mortar and pestle a permanent home in the corner of your kitchen. You can also organize your pots and pans with a corner shelf organizer.


6. Dry and Real Flowers

Dried and real flowers are great for creating a cottagecore feel at home. The rustic look of dried flowers can instantly transform the mood of your bedroom. The beauty that you will be able to accomplish with a good decorative piece is endless. Using dried flowers and real flowers is a wonderful way to decorate your home. 

Use wildflowers in a pretty vase or even a rustic wooden pallet. Hanging dried flowers from a hanging hook on a bare wall or from a hanging basket in your kitchen is also an easy way to show that you are a flower lover. You’ll be telling a story just like you came home from a day of walking and picking flowers in a field. 


7. Try Different Home Accessories

Pick the right decorative items for your home. Whether you have wicker baskets or a beautiful set of trays in your bathroom, choose pieces with delicate designs or choose decorative items based on natural materials. You can buy a few small, machine-washable rugs that will keep your floors looking nice in the area where you shower or soak.


8. Include Green Materials

Adding some green to the bath will really brighten things up. If you do some research, you’ll find thousands of inexpensive plants that love bathroom humidity as much as you love a hot shower. Air plants are great for tiny bathrooms, but you can find great plants to thrive in homes with big bathrooms.


9. Plenty of Florals

No cottage-style home is complete without some fresh flowers. No one will ever guess that your fresh flowers came from the grocery store and weren’t picked from your own garden. A décor that is Victorian-inspired looks great with a cottagecore vibe. If there is anything that says vintage, it is a beautiful set of Victorian teacups. You can place one or two antique teacups in your bedroom to bring the cottagecore look to your interior décor. You can also put pretty candles in your teacups. The color of the dish will be perfect for adding to your home decor. 


10. Botanical Art

Botanical art is a great way to decorate a space. You can use old wooden pieces or find new ones that look great. Any time you have a theme in mind, it is perfectly acceptable to put in a bit of botanical art. You can also use pieces that look like they were bought a long time ago, or you can buy new ones. 

Prints that you can look at include flowers, cute animals, butterflies, mushrooms, and many more. In addition, if you want to make something even more special, you can use needlepoint art. Another way to incorporate vintage art into your space is by using old tea cups.

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11. Baskets 

What you have probably seen over and over in cottagecore décor are baskets. This is mainly because baskets fit into all the different types of décor, from farmhouse to fairycore. Baskets are perfect for many things, such as decorative items or functional items. It is so easy to look chic using baskets. It is like a vacation in a cliquey little cottage. If you love using baskets and want to know how to decorate with them, you need to keep trying different styles. 


12. Old Stationary and Books

The look of old books and old paper is always thrilling. Imagine relaxing in your bedroom and writing a letter while the fire is burning. Just lay a book on a chair and place a little cup and a couple of glasses next to it, and you will get the impression that someone just got up from reading a book or writing a letter. Add some pretty, ruffled pillows to the chairs nearby to finish off this cozy space.

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What time period is cottagecore?

Cottagecore is a fashion style popularized by teenagers and young people who want to emulate the look of rural life. Cottagecore is an aesthetic that emphasizes living a rural and European lifestyle, and it became popular during the 2010s. It was first popularized on Tumblr in 2018.

Is cottagecore still popular in 2022?

In the year 2020, cottagecore was a trend that grew from a desire to create beautiful dresses to a desire to live a life filled with home DIYs. However, in 2022, the lens shifted a little bit.

What are the colors for cottagecore?

We often associate a clean, simple look with homes with only white walls and black accents. Cottagecore colors are all about showcasing a farmhouse look. This look was popularized by HGTV reality stars Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Wrapping Up

Some people genuinely love the cottagecore style because it makes them visualize a cottagecore lifestyle. It’s like living in a cozy cottage in the middle of a beautiful wooded area with cute animals such as sheep and goats. Nature and vintage are very popular right now. The style makes you feel like you live in a mystical place where you cannot get anywhere. It is like living in a dream world where everything is peaceful, a pastoral fantasy. 

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