10 Exquisite Anime Themed Room Décor Ideas

Are you looking to create a spectacular, gorgeous bedroom inspired by anime or manga? Many people think anime is a prevalent form of art and popular culture. If you’re a huge fan of anime and manga, why not have your bedroom decorated with your favorite characters? This article explores some exquisite anime themed room décor ideas and tips to help you create a fantastic anime-themed bedroom.

What is Anime?

Anime is a type of Japanese animation that features many characters who are entirely different. While Anime shows are basically animated cartoons, not all animated cartoons are really anime. We love the unique style of anime, as it is highly stylized and easily recognizable. 

You are probably familiar with characters that look very different from real people. They have many eyes and long hair, and the characters have huge arms and long limbs. It’s as though the characters in your favorite anime show are really expressing a lot of emotion through their actions. 

Many Americans consider anime to be a very niche form of entertainment tailored explicitly for adults. Anime is sometimes viewed as niche as other popular fandoms and is designed for people left behind by mainstream entertainment. As for the Japanese, anime is regarded as a normal way of doing things for adults. 

10 Exquisite Anime Themed Room Décor Ideas

Here are ten fantastic bedroom ideas that are great for fans of anime and manga:

1. Anime Color Palette

When considering which colors to use, choose fairly neutral shades. Before you start going completely anime crazy with the decor in your bedroom, you should decide on a color palette for the room. Whether you choose to go with many different colors in your room or keep it simple with just a few colors, you’ll need to have a primary color to help ground the space. 

Choose a neutral color for your bedroom walls, like white or a soft grey, because it will allow your anime pictures and artwork to stand out. If your room has a lot of manga art, try contrasting the black and white manga pictures with dark red paint to add some character.

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2. Anime Bedspread

If you can’t paint an anime scene on your walls, or if you’re not allowed to put up any kinds of art or posters on the walls, don’t panic! One easy way to decorate your bedroom to look like an anime-themed jungle is by creating a bedding set based on an anime character. Some other great Anime themed room ideas for your anime-themed bed include anime-themed sheets, pillow cases, and even pillows that feature your favorite anime character. Decorate your bed with plush pillows, and you can’t have a kawaii room without having some cute bedspreads!

Add some pillows and comfy mattresses to your bed! One big plush cushion will go well with two other smaller ones, but that depends on your style. You could put a cute little plush alongside a stuffed teddy bear and some other cute characters you found on the internet. 

Even better, you can have a cute anime throw blanket to keep you warm on those cold winter nights. Enjoy watching some incredible anime movies while you sleep and decorate your bed with plenty of your favorite anime plush toys. If you have some cute bedding items, they will look really cute on your bed. Be sure to display as many plushies as possible in your room. Your bedroom should have only the essential things in it.

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3. Animal Bedroom Furniture

You could add cool furniture to your bedroom, like a gaming chair, cool bookcases, shelves, or even an oversized couch to relax and watch your favorite anime.

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4. Anime Wall Décor

Anime wall décor is trendy in Japan to the extent that some people even call it a cult even though it’s just a hobby. When it comes to anime and manga, the room’s design plays a huge role in achieving a room that looks like an anime-themed room. It doesn’t matter if you have a big or small space; you can start your anime decor by placing some anime posters in your room. 

Start by putting up several different posters from different anime series or even different anime films on the walls of your room. Add a few anime posters to instantly set the mood in your room without worrying about damaging your walls. Many people love to hang cute wall decorations that look very anime-themed, such as anime-themed curtains or even a large piece of custom-designed and painted murals that look amazing. Alternatively, you can even display your own collection of anime masks on your wall!

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5. Anime Plush Toys

Plush toys are a hugely popular option in anime bedrooms. Keep them on your bedside table or put them on a shelf to create a cute anime theme in your room. Anime plush toys are awesome because you can never have too many of them! You can also add some cute chibi and anime characters to your room. You can attach a minor cartoon character that you like to your bed—a small character statue with a cute anime poster. 

Some popular favorites to consider are the cute anime characters based on famous characters from popular anime and manga like Sailor Moon or Card Captor Sakura Kinomoto. You can place these toys on your bed, in a nice cabinet, or even in a glass case to make them more noticeable.

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6. Anime Figure Display

If you are serious about anime, you will definitely want a special place to display all the anime figures and characters you have collected in your bedroom. Some people enjoy using just simple shelf ideas. But, if you have lots of anime figures, you will want to have a really fancy-looking acrylic or glass display case. They will look fabulous in your room, and if you add some nice lights to them, it will make your space feel like you are in an anime movie!

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7. Anime Weapon Display

Anime rooms always look great with various anime weapons displayed on the walls, including knives, swords, Keyblades, and more! Anime weapons are very popular, and many anime fans are highly attracted to anime-themed rooms. Why not try out some new weapons? Try out some new techniques like putting your favorite weapons in a mirror to see how you are doing against your friends! You can easily display your anime weapons in your room by getting a lot of sets of different weapons that represent your favorite heroes. 

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8. Anime Wall Art

If you have an anime lover in your house, you will definitely want to add some awesome anime decor to your home! When it comes to decorating your bedroom with cute anime decor, make sure that you reflect all the different characters and elements that make anime unique to you. Some good things to add to your anime room include an anime bedside lamp or some fun accessories like an anime cat or two. 

Ideally, you want to put all your anime decor in one place to create a certain mood (i.e., a scene where all your friends are fighting). To make a realistic-looking anime room, hang several anime wall decor items on your bedside table and try to match them to create a realistic look (like an anime character is fighting a villain). Create your own display style by adding different types of anime decor to your bedroom, and have fun while you do it!

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9. Anime Lighting

You will want to add lots of brightly colored LED strip lighting or wall or desk lights that give you that anime vibe so you can have fun with late-night games or TV sessions!

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10. Anime Room Accessories

Anime accessories help you create an excellent anime room. Some most fabulous anime room accessories include an anime ring holder to hold all the gorgeous jewelry you have collected! Some great options include:

  • Anime makeup brushes
  • Neon anime desk lamps
  • Anime wall stickers
  • Anime desk organizers
  • Any of your favorite anime gaming accessories.
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Wrapping Up 

You can create a specific mood or style for your bedroom by placing your favorite Anime or Manga characters in a meaningful scene or display. If you’re considering going the Anime route, then you need to determine how much space you have in your room and consider its existing décor to get it right. 

When you have no more room in your bedroom, you can visualize what will fit in there and choose the right size of collectibles you should add. You may need to make some compromises to create your room according to your anime room idea. So try to find some room decorations that match your idea. It is better to keep it simple and use only a few decorative items.

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